Tales from a transfer student

My first two years of college were a real struggle. I had horrible study habits carried over from high school which didn't require much effort and yielded good grades. Needless to say, this method did not serve me well in my college courses.

Carolina Inspired: Alumni Edition

What does it mean to be #CarolinaInspired?  Our students are telling us over on Twitter and our alumni are sharing their stories here on our blog about how UCS and the Carolina community have inspired them in their career development.  Stay tuned for more #CarolinaInspired stories!

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First-year Friday: Making Summer Plans

File 9223With only a few weeks left in you first year of college, it is time to start thinking about your summer. While some of you probably already have plans to take to kick back and hang out with family and friends, make sure to use your summer wisely to get ahead and add to your experiences. Here are a couple things you could do over the summer, while staying at home:

“Just in Time” Job Search

The clock is ticking down to the end of the semester – but don’t worry!  Even if you’re just starting your search, you’re “just in time” to get support at University Career Services.  Whether you’re seeking an internship, summer job, temporary employment, or your first full-time professional position, we can help!

Careers in Sports

I recently attended the "Careers in Sports" panel at UCS, where I learned a lot about about how to get involved as an undergraduate in internships, courses, and activities that would help someone go into the sports industry.

Letter of Inquiry / Interest

Networking through people who you know and the people they know and those you connect with through social media is a very powerful and important component of a successful job or internship search. But what do you do if an organization you are interested in working for does not have any relevant positions open and you cannot find a networking contact in the organization?

Federal Job Search Tips

I have wanted nothing more but to work for the federal government of the United States of America. Personally, I want to work with the communications field of the government. Thus I came to the Federal Job Webinar, hosted by UCS on Tuesday, March 25, to learn more about how my application to a federal position would stand out.

Interview Prep

So you’ve got an interview, congratulations! An interview is the first step to being employed and being employed is the first step to becoming an adult, which is debatably a good thing. Anyway there are a large number of things you need to do before you go to a formal interview, but here they are in four broad categories.

First-year Friday: The Home Stretch

File 9223Congratulations.  With just five weeks left until exams, you have almost completed what is questionably the most difficult, rewarding, and emotionally wrenching year of your college experience.  Yes, each year here at UNC is a gift- a chance for both personal and mental exploration, a chance to don sky blue and scream at dook, a chance to meet incredible people… both potential lifelong friends and faces that will blur in our memory but have an impact on our story none the less - but there is something inherently special about your freshman year.  So I encourage you to take this moment, this last month of being the youngest Tarheels, and reflect on how far you’ve come.