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Tips for Interviewing via Skype


Skype Interviews have become more and more common in the past three years and students need to be prepared if the situation arises during their job search. The principle is simple; it’s still a real interview and you should prepare for it as such, but there are a few additional tips to keep in mind.

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Finding a Federal Job


I recently attended a workshop at UCS in which Career Counselor Emily Gomez covered 10 steps to finding a federal job:

Step 1: Research

• Determine your target agencies and learn their missions
• Identify which occupational series you would like to search by (there are hundreds!)
• Research pay grades and promotional opportunities to determine what salary meets your expectations

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A Career in Human Resources


Tiffany Allen is the Director of Library Human Resources at UNC- Chapel Hill. I interviewed Tiffany to gain insight into her experience, her daily routine and responsibilities, and even received some valuable advice along the way.

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The Importance of Social Media to Your Career


File 9124Social Media is very important when it comes to your job or internship search. Although you can easily communicate with others through social media, the problem is simple: the easier it is to communicate with others online, the more vulnerable your privacy is. What you post on social media is like a permanent ink that you can’t remove.

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First-year Friday: Tap Into Your Carolina Network


File 9063

So Ashley is talking to her friend Julia in Psychology 101 about the next paper that they have to read, sharing her pains and successes. Ashley’s a first year who’s feeling a little intimidated by the big lecture hall class while Julia is actually a seasoned junior trying to fulfilling a general education requirement. As the two of them start talking, Ashley realizes how interested Julia is in biology research, something Ashley has always wanted get involved in.

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Careers for Liberal Arts Majors


I attended a Career for Liberal Arts Majors Panel a couple of weeks ago. The panelists included representatives from Credit-Suisse, Center for Student Success and Academic Counseling, Top of the Hill, The Juice Box Fine Wines & Spirits, and Teach for America. Originally, I thought to myself: How do these people relate to my major at all, and what exactly am I supposed to take from this? In the end, I ended up gaining a lot more insight than I initially thought.

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First-year Friday: Never Be Afraid to Ask


File 9063By far, the best advice I have been given is to never be afraid to ask. Whether asking if a professor is willing to give you advice or if Ben & Jerry’s has more cookie dough ice cream in the back, often times, the answer will be yes! Fellow Tar Heels are always willing to help. So first-years, make the most of your time at Carolina and never be afraid to ask!

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Being a Doctor for Business


Seven industry professionals sat down in early September to give students a perspective into the consulting field. The consultants represented companies ranging from large groups, Deloitte and Bain, to small partnerships, Balan Consulting. The discussion broke down into three key areas:

  1. What is consulting?
  2. What should you be doing now?
  3. What experiences will you have?
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Tips for Applying to the Business School


Applying to the Business School? Fear not! Here are some tips for the application process:

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First-year Friday: So You've Got Your Life Figured Out?


File 9063Here at University Career Services, we tend to focus our attention on first-years who are searching for their major or career path, since the majority are confused at some point along the way. I know I certainly was – around this time two years ago, I was starting to question the life plan I was sure I would follow throughout college.

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