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First Year Friday: Create Your Own Internship


File 9223As you choose housing for your sophomore year, it should hit you… Your freshman year is almost over! This is not a bad thing, by any means. You will now be an upperclassman and may not have to make that walk from South Campus anymore. With this, it also means it is time to start thinking about your future career. If you have your major decided by now, you are already ahead of most of your classmates. If not, no worries! This just means you have to do some more exploring.

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First-year Friday: Have You Considered Studying Abroad?


File 9223As a second semester freshman, you probably feel like your time here at Carolina is flying by. There is so much to do, and only so much time in which to do it! Plus, who would want to leave Chapel Hill, between the friendships, basketball games, and activities you’ve become involved in already?

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First-year Friday: Academic Coaching


File 9223As a second-semester first-year, I’m sure you’ve noticed that college classes are a little different than your classes in high school. Professors expect more engagement with the material, more personal agency in your learning, and a higher level of thinking. Plus, outside of class, the workload can be quite a bit heavier and time management is absolutely essential. If you’ve found that navigating those changes has been a struggle (you’re definitely not alone!), then you’re in luck, because I have the perfect resource for you: UNC’s Learning Center.

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5 Helpful Websites You Should Know About


File 9223After a whole semester at Carolina, I’m sure you’ve learned how crucial the Internet is for basically everything you do at UNC: getting basketball tickets (or not), reading the Overheard at UNC posts on Facebook (or contributing your own), and doing a little schoolwork in between (obviously). To go along with this digital trend, I’m giving you five awesome websites you should know about and use during your time at Carolina and beyond:

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First-year Friday: The Importance of a College Resume


File 9223

As a first-year student, you now have a little over one semester of college under your belt.  Congrats! I know you probably have not thought much about a college resume, especially because you don’t know what you would even include? While you might believe that the creation of a college resume isn’t necessary right now, I would argue the exact opposite.

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A Moment with Mary Winn Miller, Engagement Manager at McKinsey


File 9183Recently, I’ve gotten the chance to discover the world of consulting through the eyes of Mary Winn Miller, a management consultant who works as an Engagement Manager for McKinsey Consulting, one of the premier consulting firms in the world. She also happens to be someone who I call a mentor, friend, and lately, “boss”. This is consulting as she sees it.

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First-year Friday: Putting it All Into Perspective


File 9063We all know that your first semester of college is one of the most important semesters in your Carolina career. You’re finally in college, and for some of you, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for and preparing for your whole life. Undoubtedly, what you do this semester will determine the rest of your time here at Carolina and will have profound implications on the rest of your life. You need to get good grades, meet your best friends, get involved all across campus, and figure out what your major and future career will be. All the while you must avoid the horrors we all know about college first years: skipping classes, unruly professors, drugs, and of course, the dreaded freshman fifteen. Pretty much, you can’t mess up this semester.

No pressure or anything.

Wrong. Absolutely not. Could not be farther from the truth. Your first semester is important, but there is no way everyone does it perfectly.

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A Career in Library Science


Being a librarian is not just shelving and circulation.  Wanda Gunther, Authority Control and Database Management Librarian in UNC’s Davis library gives an inside look on the ins and outs of what goes on behind the stacks.

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A Career in Campus Recreation


Interested in a career in Campus Recreation? Mandy Madden, UNC’s Sport Clubs Coordinator, has some insight on what it is like.

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First-year Friday: Never Stop Exploring


File 9063I swear I have met so many friends who are completely set on a major and are not willing to explore anything else.  Don’t do it. I beg you.

To be honest, I was in the same place you were last year. I found my major, or so I thought, and I was scared to change it. I made a mistake because I did not keep an open mind, and I do not want you to do the same thing!

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