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Been There, Done That: On-Campus Recruiting


File 9609During the spring of my sophomore year, I found myself walking around the Spring Job & Internship Expo with a stack of resumes in hand. I didn’t have any particular companies or job categories in mind, but after working with UCS for a year I knew it was beneficial to see what was out there for internship opportunities. Being the typical American young adult female that I am, I was drawn in by the red and white bulls eye above the Target table.

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Tuesday Tip: Ready, Set, Go!


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Think about how much easier senior year would be if you had a full-time job secured before Thanksgiving. Positions are already posted on Careerolina, and deadlines are approaching quickly (some have even passed already). An early start can help maximize opportunities and minimize stress.

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First Year Friday: Start Now


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The best advice I could give to any first-year student is to get started NOW. A common misconception is that you need to wait until senior year to utilize University Career Services (UCS). After all, you’re not even thinking about applying for jobs yet, right? However, UCS does so much more than helping seniors find full-time jobs.

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Informational Interview: Senior Associate at Red Ventures


Growth is extremely important in the company you start your career with.  Growth equals opportunity, and opportunity allows for personal impact.  When you’re able to make an impact on a daily basis, you begin to write some interesting chapters in the story of your life. – Park Denning

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Tuesday Tip: Attend an Info Session


File 9584Career development can seem tricky and overwhelming. So as an undergraduate, how can you realistically be preparing for a future career? Try going to an organization’s information session through University Career Services (UCS).

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A Meaningful Summer


File 9223As summer rolls around, so do the questions about your plans. If you don’t have any summer plans lined up, that’s okay – just start thinking about it now! Depending on your major and career plans, there are a variety of appropriate ways to spend your summer.

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First-year Friday: Making Summer Plans


File 9223With only a few weeks left in you first year of college, it is time to start thinking about your summer. While some of you probably already have plans to take to kick back and hang out with family and friends, make sure to use your summer wisely to get ahead and add to your experiences. Here are a couple things you could do over the summer, while staying at home:

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Careers in Sports


I recently attended the "Careers in Sports" panel at UCS, where I learned a lot about about how to get involved as an undergraduate in internships, courses, and activities that would help someone go into the sports industry.

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Federal Job Search Tips


I have wanted nothing more but to work for the federal government of the United States of America. Personally, I want to work with the communications field of the government. Thus I came to the Federal Job Webinar, hosted by UCS on Tuesday, March 25, to learn more about how my application to a federal position would stand out.

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Interview Prep


So you’ve got an interview, congratulations! An interview is the first step to being employed and being employed is the first step to becoming an adult, which is debatably a good thing. Anyway there are a large number of things you need to do before you go to a formal interview, but here they are in four broad categories.

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