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Modeling the Future: Quantitative Analysis


Soon, I’m going to be celebrating my second 18th birthday. No, let’s not call it my 19th because that just means I have one last teenage year left, and I’m just not ready to grow up so fast – I don’t think many of us are. Unfortunately, our futures are closer than we think; in simply a couple of years, we will all be entering the “real world” to start our careers.

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First-year Friday: Jumpstart your Career Search


File 9063Happy Friday, First Years! I’m writing this to talk to you about jump starting your career search. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, “Wait, what? Career search? I just started at UNC and you’re asking me about my career choice already??”

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First-year Friday: Things I would Tell My Freshman Self


File 9063On this First Year Friday, enjoy this Prezi about what Career Peer Melody Ip would tell her freshman self:

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First-year Friday: Utilizing Campus Resources


File 9063I absolutely loved being a first-year student at Carolina. However, my biggest regret was not taking advantage of the incredible resources it had to offer during my first semester.

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Meet the 2013-2014 Career Peers


We're looking forward to a great year!  Meet the 2013-2014 Career Peers.

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Stories of Summer: SAT Tutoring


We’ve all been through it. Some of us dreaded it, while others saw it as a challenge. Regardless of personal experiences, we simply cannot forget the hours we all put in to studying for that one test – the SAT. After scores were received and college applications were submitted, I never thought I’d have to open a practice SAT book ever again, but boy was I wrong.

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Stories of Summer: 10 Non-Academic Things I’ve Learned in Denmark


This summer I’m spending six weeks studying at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. It's been amazing! Here’s a list of things I learned outside the classroom while studying in Denmark.

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Stories of Summer: Volunteering with Project TEACH


I am currently a rising Junior and double major in MDS and Mathematics at UNC Chapel Hill. After spring semester was over, I came back to my hometown- Seoul, South Korea.  It’s been a busy summer and I wanted to share a few of the things I’ve been up to.

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Stories of Summer: Global Immersion Experience in South Africa


File 8921This summer I haven’t stopped for a minute—quite literally. After getting home to Winston-Salem, NC after my final exams, my summer started in full gear. I had less than a week to get packed and ready to head to South Africa.

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Stories of Summer: Interning in Orlando


Let's go all the way back to January. Cold weather, the beginning of spring semester, and the start of my anxiety regarding my summer plans.  Everyone always talks about how you need to get an internship, work full-time, or study abroad. This probably isn't true, there are plenty of other options, but I knew I wanted to get an internship.

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