First-year Friday: Get Involved


File 8735Happy Friday, first-years! I’m here to talk about the importance of getting involved in an organization – any organization – EARLY! As you learned during your campus tour, orientation, and by walking through the pit around lunchtime, UNC has hundreds of groups covering every interest you can think of. Pick one organization that appeals to you, and get involved in it! If there is one thing you can do on campus to make getting an internship or job offer easier, besides making good grades, it is to show involvement in something that interests you. Employers want to see that you have capitalized on your interests to make the campus a better place. Holding a leadership position in an organization is even better. The key is to get started early. That way, there is time to make an impression on the group and gain a leadership role as early as possible. In interviews, employers will ask you many questions like, “Describe a time when you led a group to overcome a challenge,” or “When have you persuaded a group that disagreed with you?” While persuading your parents to give you extra spending money does take tact, that’s probably not what Miss Recruiter is looking for. These instances occur all of the time in on-campus groups, but being a member or leader is the only way to experience them. So, explore the vast array of organizations we have here at UNC, and start making an impact! An easy goal is to join one new group this semester. Your future self, sitting in his/her dream job, will thank you for it.