First-year Friday: Get Organized!


File 8735Hey first years! Hope second semester is going well for you so far! I’m here to give a few tips on being ORGANIZED. Organization skills are so crucial to have during your time at Carolina. With everything you’re involved in – classes, clubs, work, social life (the list goes on) – it’s important to keep dates and deadlines in line and in mind so you don’t miss or forget anything! Here are some tips that have helped me keep track of things at UNC:

  1. Get a real, paper planner: Having a hardcopy of all your dates and assignments is super smart to do. Your phone and computer are great to use for organizing (see #2), but what if they get lost, stolen, or damaged? Bye bye, important dates! Better safe than sorry, right?
  2. Use the calendar/planner on your phone/computer: Like I said, these tools are awesome to use for organizing. Set reminders of important deadlines, put in when important assignments are due, etc.
  3. Make daily to-do lists: I LOVE to-do lists. Making one each day will help you approach things one at a time, rather than having your mind race around about getting tons of stuff done. And who doesn’t love to check off an item when you’re finished with it?
  4. Make a schedule each day: Allot time to get the things on your to-do list done. I like to use my phone for this since you can easily set reminders and appointments for certain blocks of time. This is especially helpful if you’ve got a lot to get done in one day!


Hope these tips helped! Organization takes time to nail down, but once you’ve got it to a system that works for you, your life at UNC will be just that easier. Stay calm and organize on!