First Year Friday: Got Summer Plans?


File 8735I’m sure you’re confused as to how this happened, but your first year at Carolina is quickly coming to a close. It may not seem like it in the middle of all these midterms and papers and group projects, but it’s time to start thinking about your summer plans. Consider some of your options: 

1. Find a summer job or internship

  • Careerolina is UCS’s job and internship database, and it is updated daily with new positions. They are located all over the country (and some are international!) so you can find positions locally, in your hometown, or anywhere else you may want to spend a summer.
  • e-Leads is another UCS database of employers who may have summer internships for students.
  • Networking is another great way to find a position. Once you figure out what kind of summer position you would like, you can go talk to your parents, friends, professors, or anybody else you know to see if they know of any available positions.
  • and Craigslist are other ways to find part-time summer jobs.  If you are from out-of-state, this could be a good way to find a part-time summer job in your hometown!

2. Summer volunteer work

  • Finding a way to volunteer with a local organization is a great way to make your time away from UNC even more meaningful, and volunteer work is also a great resume-builder!

3.  Summer classes

  • I know that this may not sound like such a fun way to spend your summer, but sometimes it’s necessary (I’m looking at you, science majors) and even if you don’t absolutely need to, summer classes allow you get a leg up on future classes or allow yourself to take fewer credits the next semester. Who doesn’t love taking 12 credit hours?
  • If you don’t live around here or don’t want to stay in Chapel Hill over the summer, you can sign up for equivalent classes at a university close to your hometown, but make sure to check that the credits will transfer first! 


Helping students find jobs and internships is one of UCS’s specialties, so if you have any questions or need advice, make sure to stop in during walk-in hours from 1-4 Monday through Friday! And no matter what you end up doing, I promise that you will not be able to wait to take your first steps back on campus in the fall. Happy Friday, and good luck with all of your assignments before Spring Break!