Getting to know the 2012-2013 Career Peers: Breeze Riley


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My name is Breeze Riley and I’ll be a sophomore this year. I hail from the tiny town of Union Bridge, Maryland. I’m a public relations major with a possible second major in political science. This year, I’m looking forward to helping the new career peers learn the ropes and making sure as many students as possible benefit from career services!

This summer I’ll be working full-time as an office assistant for the North Carolina Scholastic Media Association in the J-school. That means I get to work at our summer programs and run the social media accounts. I'm especially looking forward to working at our inaugural Carolina Sports Journalism Camp. After that wraps up on July 13th, I ‘m looking forward to taking some family vacations and spending as much time as possible with my twin sister before I have to head back to Chapel Hill.