Stories of Summer: Global Immersion Experience in South Africa


File 8921This summer I haven’t stopped for a minute—quite literally. After getting home to Winston-Salem, NC after my final exams, my summer started in full gear. I had less than a week to get packed and ready to head to South Africa.

I was in South Africa for a little over two weeks; however, I wish it could have been longer. Nevertheless, I still had an adventurous and memorable time abroad. I went to South Africa as a part of the Global Immersion Experience (GIE) with the business school with 23 other students. Our intention was to learn about the emerging market within South Africa. However, I came home learning so much more—about the culture, way of life, and more about myself. While in South Africa, I went to Capetown and Johannesburg. Both cities were very different, but I liked each one in different ways. Capetown was my favorite by far—and I hope to be able to go back one day. 

File 8922During the trip, my favorite and most memorable experience was visiting Villiera Wine Estate. As a group, we went to this estate to learn about their business model. I enjoyed learning how Villiera gives back to the community, embraces sustainably, and cares about the natural environment. Villiera also partners with an organization called Pebbles, which serves a day care center for the farm workers’ children. Visiting and playing with the kids was another highlight within the visits.

Right after I got home from South Africa, I was in full gear to get ready to start my summer internship at Wake Forest Baptist Health in the Financial Services sector. I had to go through some employee health checks and background checks- which took some time. But after a couple of days, I was all set to start.

I have been interning for about 6 weeks and I have learned a lot so far. I am helping the Internal Accounting Department prepare and get ready for the external Audit. I am looking forward to learning more as I get more tasks to complete. So far, I have learned that the world of accounting is very different from the assumptions people give it!