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Reasons You Shouldn't Go to Grad School


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Regardless of what field you’re considering, the decision to apply to graduate school is not one that should be made on a whim. Sure, there are lots of compelling reasons to consider a graduate education—the potential to increase your expertise and earning potential in a particular field, the possibility of enhancing your career flexibility, and the ability to satisfy your intellectual curiosities and passions, to name just a few. But there are also some reasons that are red flags—signs that you should perhaps think long and hard about whether you really want to invest years, money, and energy on a graduate education.

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10 Emerging Job Search Trends, Tips and Tactics


An exerpt from a white paper on the state of the job hunt, with insight from top professionals

By Arnie Fertig

The changing nature of résumés, use of applicant tracking systems, LinkedIn and other social media sites, Skype video conferencing, big data applications and more are all impacting the way employers and hope-to-be-employees find, communicate and interact with each other.

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What NOT to do at a Career Fair!


Negativity bias is the psychological phenomenon by which humans have a greater recall of unpleasant memories compared with positive memories. Make sure you don’t leave potential employers with negative memories about you! Follow this list of what NOT to do at the career fair.

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5 Reasons to put the Career Fair on your Calendar


Here are five good reasons why YOU should attend the Fall Job and Internship Fair on September 11th from 12-4pm in Rams Head Rec Center.

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How UCS Can Help You in 15 Minutes


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We all push things off or decide to nap/ binge watch Netflix instead.  But 15 minutes could help you find your fit (that’s only a quarter of a Game of Thrones episode). University Career Services has an array of resources no matter what you need.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do or if you really want a specific job, a UCS Career Counselor can help.

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Why You Shouldn’t Come to UCS this Year


File 9558You don’t want to interview for a job. University Career Services hosts on-campus recruiting with hundreds of employers throughout the year. Search and apply for jobs through Careerolina. Set up a mock-interview to help you secure that internship/job offer. UCS also helps students find part-time jobs in the local area.

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7 Things You Need to Do to Project Professionalism Now


File 9543Earlier this week we talked about what you’re currently doing that appears unprofessional to employers, but what about how you can be projecting professionalism in a more proactive way?  What else should you be doing?  We’ve got 7 things you need to do to project professionalism now.

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