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“Just in Time” Job Search


The clock is ticking down to the end of the semester – but don’t worry!  Even if you’re just starting your search, you’re “just in time” to get support at University Career Services.  Whether you’re seeking an internship, summer job, temporary employment, or your first full-time professional position, we can help!

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Letter of Inquiry / Interest


Networking through people who you know and the people they know and those you connect with through social media is a very powerful and important component of a successful job or internship search. But what do you do if an organization you are interested in working for does not have any relevant positions open and you cannot find a networking contact in the organization?

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Part Time Jobs Spotlight


Check out this week’s hot part-time jobs! Apply to these and more by visiting Careerolina.

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Carolina Inspired: Alumni Edition


What does it mean to be #CarolinaInspired?  Our students are telling us over on Twitter and our alumni are sharing their stories here on our blog about how UCS and the Carolina community have inspired them in their career development.  Stay tuned for more #CarolinaInspired stories!

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Learning from Alumni Using University Pages on LinkedIn


You can learn a lot from speaking with alumni – learn about their career paths, how they’ve used their degree, advice for your job or internship search, or just information about living and working in a particular location.  The university pages on LinkedIn provide a great resource for connecting with those who have gone before us.

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Using Spring Break for Career Development


Spring Break is right around the corner… Do you have plans? If you’re not hitting the beach, why not use this time for some career development? This could be a great time to investigate various industries, fine tune your on-line professional profile, or to learn more about a specific career path you have been thinking about.  Here you will find the top three ways to work career development into your spring break!

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Different Teaching Programs


It seems like a lot of places need good teachers these days, but the number of alternatives can seem a big overwhelming.  You don’t have to be an education major to start a fulfilling career in teaching.File 9302

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