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Part Time Jobs Spotlight


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What Exams Taught Me about the World of Work


All of your life you’ve had to take tests and exams to show that you are learning. Finally, the end of the school year has come,  and you say “Yes! I never have to take another exam”. 

Well, that may be true depending on the path you choose. However, all of those test taking skills you’ve developed over your educational career will come in handy and prove to be actually useful. If you think about the mental and physical process that occurs when you are preparing for an exam,  it’s not too different from the process that you go through in your summer internship or first job.

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First Job as a Sales Associate


I remember my first job interview, I was a high school sophomore in a Philadelphia suburb.  "Why do you want to work here?" "I need money so that I can tour Europe with a band program next summer."  (At least I was honest?)

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Lessons from Delivering Newspapers


My first job was delivering a weekly newspaper (The Grit) in Thebes, Illinois -- a village of 450 people in southern Illinois on the Mississippi River.  I had anywhere from 60 to 90 subscribers and it took me two evenings each week either walking or biking to deliver the papers.  I learned how to communicate with people from multiple generations.

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5 Great Study Break Interruptions


Studying is hard! Whether it’s a midterm or final, studying deserves a break every now and then. Do what you can to make sure your breaks are productive.   If done right, your study breaks can actually be an asset to your study routine. Here are 5 tips to taking productive breaks.

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Biking Past Camels on the Way to My First Job


The sounds of mullahs calling the faithful to Morning Prayer woke me each morning. Beyond my bedroom window the Hindu Kush Mountains were capped with snow and the sharp smell of countless outdoor ovens baking the day’s nan filled the air. Morning in Kabul Afghanistan in the early 70’s was peaceful, girls dressed in black slacks, red tunics and white headscarves, not the full body veils one now associates with this war torn land, giggled and sang on their way to school.

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