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5 Skills You Didn’t Know You’d Gain From a Part-Time Job


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Believe it or not, that part-time job of yours will help you excel in many future work environments based on what we call “transferable skills.”  These are skills that transfer from any industry, occupation, or environment to the next.  Here are 5 transferable skills that you gain from most part-time jobs:

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How to Balance a PT Job and Being a Student


Worried about doing well academically and managing your part-time job?  You aren’t alone.  Like many undergraduates today, you may be feeling the pressure of earning an income while you are enrolled in courses.  Since balancing a part-time job on top being a top-notch student can be tough, we’ve got a few tips for you:

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On-Campus Student Jobs : Going…Going…Gone!


Are you thinking about finding a job on campus this fall? Think no longer because August is a great time to find opportunities all across campus! Although there is no such thing as an all-inclusive list of campus jobs, this list does a great job at spelling out who the biggest employers of students are, when they hire, and how to apply.  

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Transitioning to a Full-Time Job


File 9487Transitioning from college to full-time employment can be exciting but also nerve-wracking.  It can be stressful to start a new position.  However, gaining full-time employment allows you the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills that you have acquired in college to a full-time position.

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Establishing Your Professional Network


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Establishing and building a professional network is not something you want to wait and start as you are graduating from college.  Your professional network should start as soon as you enter college.  Classmates, professors, and professional organizations are 3 ways to start establishing your professional network. 

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Why You Should Dress Professionally for an Interview and on the Job


Dressing for an interview or employer event can be a make or break experience when it comes to your job or internship search.  Why is it important to dress professionally at the interview and on the job?

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Business School Undergraduate Business Application Opens July 1


Kenan-Flagler Business School Undergraduate Business Application Opens Up July 1st!

Undergraduate Business applicants for Spring and Fall 2015 need to be aware of the early deadlines.

As such, UCS is providing this page to help students get a jump-start on preparing their application materials.

You should always refer to the official Undergraduate Business Application Program for details on the admissions process and required documents.

Note that the application deadlines are early in the fall semester, which means you likely need to prepare your materials during the summer months!

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Utilizing Strengths For Work


Identifying and discussing your strengths is an essential part of your career planning and your job search preparation and promotion.  You will need to know your strengths in order to:

  • find appropriate  career fields and positions to pursue,
  • write a targeted resume or CV and cover letter,
  • discuss your interests with networking contacts,
  • answer questions during an interview

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