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Quantifying Accomplishments on Your Resume


One of the best ways you can improve your resume is by adding numbers.  You’re probably wondering where you can do this, or why it is important.  A recent article by Erin Osterhaus, who reviews and compares HR systems at Software Advice, emphasizes the necessity of quantifying your resume, as well as ways you can do so.

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5 Steps to Identifying and Communicating Your Transferable Skills


You might be wondering, “What exactly ARE transferable skills?” Transferable skills are the skills that you gain in life experiences and you take with you to other life experiences. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the top transferable skills employers look for include: Communication Skills (verbal and written), Strong work ethic, Ability to work on a team, Leadership, Initiative, Interpersonal skills, Problem-solving skills, Analytical/Quantitative skills, Flexibility/Adaptability, and Computer/Technical skills.

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#CarolinaInspired: Alumni Edition


What does it mean to be #CarolinaInspired?  Our students are telling us over on Twitter and our alumni are sharing their stories here on our blog about how UCS and the Carolina community have inspired them in their career development.  Stay tuned for more #CarolinaInspired stories!

File 9165Name: Jason Dunn

Degree and Major from UNC: B.A. in Economics, May 2013

Current Employer and Occupation: Morgan Stanley Healthcare, Investment Banking Analyst

Location: New York, NY

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Part Time Jobs Spotlight


Check out this week’s hot part-time jobs! Apply to these and more by visiting Careerolina.  

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When I Grow Up: Light Bulb Moments


During my early years I played teacher with my two older sisters.  We were surrounded by teachers in our community and at our local church.  During my college years I had a children’s lit class with Dr. Roberta Jackson, who taught at NCCU (my alma mater) and she taught at Carolina.

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When I Grow Up: Not All Who Wander are Lost


When I was a kid I would sometimes wonder what I would be when I grew up. I thought about the typical jobs that most kids know about; doctor, teacher, lawyer, actress, singer, but never seriously considered them as I got older.

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When I Grow Up: Dancer


Back in the day, circa 1987, I wanted to be a dancer.  I would watch Soul Train with my older cousins on Saturday morning and the dancers could really dance.  They wore great clothes, got to listen to awesome music, unscramble artist names (with no wrong answers ever), and be on television every Saturday.  I would mimic dance moves and pretend to be a Soul Train dancer.

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When I Grow Up: Interior Designer


The first career I can remember wanting to pursue was back in elementary school. I loved my art class (and my art teacher) so I thought I would like to do the same thing. I have always been described as a creative person and in high school, began pursuing creativity in different ways, mainly through sewing and photography. My thoughts about career then shifted to fashion designer or buyer. That didn’t last long because I discovered interior design which was a much better fit for me.

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