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Organizations Offer Information on Jobs With the State or Federal Government


National Conference of State Legislatures This is a nonpartisan, noncommercial website designed to educate college students, recent graduates, and anyone looking to change careers about the diverse professional opportunities available within state legislatures.

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Evaluating Job & Internship Offers


What should you consider before accepting or rejecting a job/internship offer?  Check out this infographic to aid in your decision-making.

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Using Informational Interviews and Shadowing to Find Your Career

The best way to explore a potential career choice is by speaking with and/or following someone who works in that career.
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Where are they now? Class of 2012


Ever wondered what recent UNC alumni are up to?  Find out what the class of 2012 did after graduation in this infographic.

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Top 10 Career Strategies for First Years and Sophomores


You control your career destiny! Just going to class and picking up your diploma after four years doesn't cut it.

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Tips from Employers that are Hiring


The best job-search advice comes from the employers that are hiring. If you take the time to follow this advice, you'll be better prepared than your competition for your application and interview.

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5 Ways to Use Your Spring Break Wisely


Not sure what you need to be doing to stay on top of your career development over spring break?  Here are 5 ways you can use your spring break wisely.

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