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My NYRA experience


By guest blogger Elizabeth Gardiner (UNC alum)

Most all recent graduates can attest to the challenge of job searching. After my summer internship in New York City between my junior and senior years at UNC, I knew I wanted to return to the Big Apple post-graduation. However, breaking into the job market in a city that you aren’t from and do not have many connections to can be challenging.


11th Annual Asian Diversity Career Expo


The 11th Annual Asian Diversity Career Expo is happening on Friday, March 9, 2012 from 10:00am - 4:00pm at Penn Plaza Pavilion in NYC.  UNC is a co-sponsor, along with seven other schools including MIT, Dartmouth and Rutgers. 

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Fewer resolutions, more goals!


The beginning of a new year and a new semester promises a new start.  Many kick off the year with a resolution of some kind:  whether it is to study more and go out less or start looking for an internship or job.  Making the resolution is the easy part.  Keeping the resolution, typically for some, is not so easy.

Our Top 5 Most Read Blog Posts of 2011


As we draw near the end of the year, I thought it would be interesting to look back on our most blog posts of the year.  Some might surprirse you!


White House internships


The White House Internship Program is a reection of President Obama’s commitment to provide young leaders an opportunity to strengthen their understanding of the Executive Office, develop their leadership skills and actively engage in public service.  "This program will mentor and cultivate young leaders of today and tomorrow and I’m proud that they will have this opportunity to serve.... I want to commend all who apply for their desire to help through public service to forge a brighter future for our country." –President Barack Obama

Volunteering with TABLE


The UCS staff spent the morning of December 19th volunteering at TABLE in Carrboro, which is an organization doing great work to get food to kids in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  Here's a photo taken behidn Hanes Hall before we carpooled to TABLE:

File 677


8 Career Development Tips for Winter Break


Below are eight productive things you can do for your career development over winter break.   

8. Update your resume or CV with accomplishments from this last semester (or year).  Quantify your experiences and use action and results-oriented language.

7. Fine tune your interests.  Employers are seeking focused candidates – being able to clearly communicate your interests will help you find opportunities that match your goals.