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Marketing yourself through campus organizations


Students often tell me that they leave out certain organizations on their resume because they are interested in a career that is different from the club they joined. Little do these students know that these “fun” organizations can help them in the interview process!

Tales from a transfer student


My first two years of college were a real struggle. I had horrible study habits carried over from high school which didn't require much effort and yielded good grades. Needless to say, this method did not serve me well in my college courses.

Event overview: Career Symposium for Graduate Students and Post-Docs


By Kevin S. Fox, guest blogger and doctoral student in geography

I attended the symposium to get a better idea of what I need to be doing in order to make myself a more competitive candidate in the job market.  I am interested in the Research-1 jobs but the reality is that of my cohort of 8 students I bet only 2 of us get tenure-track R-1 gigs and the rest of us should have some Plan Bs and Cs ready when the University of [insert state name] doesn’t call back.  

The graduate school fair


On Saturday, November 12, the UNC School of Social Work and are hosting a graduate programs fair with 50 programs in social work, public policy, nonprofit management, law, environmental studies and more.  The event will be held at the Friday Center from 9am until noon. Register online.

5 tips for new graduate students


Whether you’re entering campus for the first time as a graduate student or going directly from an undergraduate degree to graduate school, research will become a daily word in your vocabulary. Here are a few thought to ponder that might be helpful:

Gearing up for NYRA


There's an info session for the New York Recruiting Alliance on November 9th.  But, I thought I'd tease you with some of the organizations and companies who will be part of that recruitment event here.  

  • Draftfcb
  • Cravath, Swaine, & Moore
  • Chandler Chicco Companies
  • Flashpoint Medica
  • White & Case
  • Marina Maher Communications
  • MBI INc.
  • The Rockefeller University

Seniors: It's November. Do you have a job yet?


It's November of your senior year. Maybe you heard there was a career fair last month and that lots of companies are holding interviews on campus now.  And you're thinking....ALREADY?  How can that be?  Am I late?  Will I get a job?  Should I panic? Click into this post to find out.