Econ 125: introduction to entrepreneurship

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Campus Y launching social incubator

The Campus Y has announced the launch of a Social Innovation Incubator, to be located on the top floor of their building. The incubator will provide physical space, as well as support services (tax, legal advice, etc.) for the organizations chosen to participate.  Applications are available on their site.

Carolina Challenge, Idea Hatch

Mark your calendars for Idea Hatch, part of Carolina Challenge, this Wednesday, October 26th, from 5pm until 7pm In McColl Hall, Room 2500. Special guest Scott Maitland (Founder, Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery) will speak briefly about how to turn ideas into business opportunities.  You’ll also have the chance to share your idea with others and receive valuable feedback from judges as well as your peers. 

Considering entrepreneurship as a career?

Venture for America his hosting a session tonight (October 11) at 7pm in McColl Hall, Room 3250.  Modeled after Teach for America, Venture for America is a two year fellowship program in which the best and brightest college graduates will work at start-up and early-stage companies in lower-cost cities across America (Detroit, New Orleans, Providence). click title to read more

College entrepreneur of 2011

Entrepreneur Magazine is looking for student entrepreneurs with business ideas.  Click into this post for details.

What is the Carolina Launch Pad?

Carolina Launch Pad is UNC's business accelerator aimed at aspiring IT entrepreneurs who are part of the UNC community and who have not yet developed their businessideas into funded startups.

Cash from creativity

By Emily Strader, UCS counselor

If you are constantly on a creative juices overflow rampage, consider converting your dorm room into a studio for small items that can be designed/drawn/built/converted - and so on -  by you,  and sold online.  With a space as big as 12 X 12 inches on your desk (and okay, maybe some drawer space) you have now met the first criteria towards your artistic entrepreneur venture.