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Timeline for Preparing for Grad School


Much of your preparation for grad school won’t begin until your 3rd and 4th years, or perhaps even while working or volunteering after graduation.  There are, however, steps you should begin taking as early as possible.  Preparing for grad school becomes a more relaxed process the earlier you begin. 

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Questions to Consider about Grad School


The first question you need to ask yourself is do you need an advanced degree for your career goal?

If so, then you need to:

Research programs and institutions

  • Research Graduate Programs on sites such as: Peterson’s Guide to Graduate School  and which can provide you with a quick overview of several schools and the programs they offer.
  • Request a graduate catalogue from the programs in which you are interested. This usually can be done online from the school’s website, or by phone or mail.
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Idealist Grad Fairs


The Idealist Grad Fairs connect prospective students with graduate schools in fields such as public administration, international affairs, education, public policy, public interest law, social work, nonprofit management, global and public health, theology, environmental science, and socially responsible business. 

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NIH Podcasts: advice from the experts


Whether you are an undergraduate considering graduate or professional school or a graduate student planning for your next phase, you may find the NIH podcasts helpful in your preparation. 

A graduate degree in learning


I can remember little about the specifics of what I learned in graduate school.  I know there were tons of theories, and papers, and research, and so on and on.  It was 2 years of my life that seemed to fly by. 

The graduate school fair


On Saturday, November 12, the UNC School of Social Work and are hosting a graduate programs fair with 50 programs in social work, public policy, nonprofit management, law, environmental studies and more.  The event will be held at the Friday Center from 9am until noon. Register online.

5 tips for new graduate students


Whether you’re entering campus for the first time as a graduate student or going directly from an undergraduate degree to graduate school, research will become a daily word in your vocabulary. Here are a few thought to ponder that might be helpful:

Guess who is coming to the Graduate School Fair?


Here’s just a sample of the nearly 70 graduate school programs that will be represented at the Grad School Fair on 10/27 in Great Hall.

Law School event for Tar Heels in NYC


Our partners, Vault, are hosting a panel titled "Should I Apply to Law School" in NYC on May 18.  Any Tar Heels in the Big Apple should check out this free event.  Click for details.