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NIH Podcasts: advice from the experts


Whether you are an undergraduate considering graduate or professional school or a graduate student planning for your next phase, you may find the NIH podcasts helpful in your preparation. 

A graduate degree in learning


I can remember little about the specifics of what I learned in graduate school.  I know there were tons of theories, and papers, and research, and so on and on.  It was 2 years of my life that seemed to fly by. 

Event overview: Career Symposium for Graduate Students and Post-Docs


By Kevin S. Fox, guest blogger and doctoral student in geography

I attended the symposium to get a better idea of what I need to be doing in order to make myself a more competitive candidate in the job market.  I am interested in the Research-1 jobs but the reality is that of my cohort of 8 students I bet only 2 of us get tenure-track R-1 gigs and the rest of us should have some Plan Bs and Cs ready when the University of [insert state name] doesn’t call back.  

Career changes of famous Ph.D.s


It is often a difficult crossroad for graduate students when they realize they are no longer on the path to becoming a faculty member or researcher. But, many famous Ph.D.s have made successful career transitions.  And in some cases, very BIG and unexpected transitions:

GSIT funding for grad students


Tomorrow (Semptember 30th) is the deadline for the Graduate Tuition Incentive Scholarships.  These scholarships are for graduate students receiving external funding in support of their thesis or dissertation research which do not include tuition.  See the Graduate School website for details.