Big thanks to Dipika Kohli

UCS and H4 would like to thank Dipika Kohli for speaking on the topic of Design Thinking in H4 this week.  It was a thought provoking and interesting discussion.  You can read more on Dipika's blog.

Career-related apps for your new iPad

Did you get an iPad for Christmas?  Cool for you!  Here are some apps for you to pick up to help further your career development!

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Campus Y launching social incubator

The Campus Y has announced the launch of a Social Innovation Incubator, to be located on the top floor of their building. The incubator will provide physical space, as well as support services (tax, legal advice, etc.) for the organizations chosen to participate.  Applications are available on their site.

H4 has a cube!

Interested?  Learn more!

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Social innovation summer program

If you are interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation, this program might be a great fit for you.  2011 Social Innovation Summer Program (SIP)- Develop the knowledge, skills and relationships you need to make a difference. SIP is a cutting edge program to prepare top undergraduates, recent graduates, and graduate students to become the next generation of social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders.

What is the Carolina Launch Pad?

Carolina Launch Pad is UNC's business accelerator aimed at aspiring IT entrepreneurs who are part of the UNC community and who have not yet developed their businessideas into funded startups.

Thorp and Goldstein - Universities Driving Global Change

Chancellor Holden Thorp and University Entrepreneur in Residence Buck Goldstein are among 20 featured speakers Friday, Feb. 25, at “Universities Driving Global Change", an Ashoka U Exchange conference. The focus is on social entrepreneurship education, and Thorp and Goldstein will team up to present “Attacking the World’s Biggest Problems.”  Thorp and Goldstein will go on at 6:20pm.

A great quote for your career

From Seth Godin's book Linchpin

"We need you to stand up and be remarkable. Be human. Contribute. Interact. Take the risk that you might make someone upset with your initiative, innovation, and insight -- it tuns out that you'll probably delight them instead."

Where do good ideas come from?

Steven Berlin Johnson gives a great TEDtalk on the concept of "where do good ideas come from."  The basis of his argument:  an idea is a network.  Great video!

Innovation at UNC

The word "innovation" is everywhere at UNC these days.  Why?  Because innovation is a keystone of Chancellor Thorp's tenture.  There are a lot of exciting initiatives, and you can learn more at the Innovate@Carolina website.