Just-in-time Job Search

File 749Congratulations on nearing graduation!  You’ve worked hard to get here, and you may be feeling both excitement and anxiety about the transition from Carolina to the next step in life.  For those entering the job market, consider these issues as you move forward:

  • Certain kinds of organizations come to campus for career fairs and on-campus recruiting, but you may also be pursuing those that require you to reach out proactively (meaning, they're not coming onto campus, you have to go find them!).
  • Some employers hire well in advance of graduation, but your targets may rely on “just in time” hiring – not actively recruiting until a position is available.
  • For these types of positions, meeting others in the field is paramount – both to hear about openings in a timely manner and to have an inside-line.
  • You need a well-defined strategy and persistence to see the greatest success.


University Career Services would love to work with you to develop strategies, make connections and provide any other support you need.   Our Senior Series happening this week (April 17th, 18th and 19th at 4pm in Hanes Hall) will help you see results. 

Remember that we are free and available from now until six months after graduation. We look forward to helping you clarify and attain your goals!