My NYRA experience

By guest blogger Elizabeth Gardiner (UNC alum)

Most all recent graduates can attest to the challenge of job searching. After my summer internship in New York City between my junior and senior years at UNC, I knew I wanted to return to the Big Apple post-graduation. However, breaking into the job market in a city that you aren’t from and do not have many connections to can be challenging.

When I began searching for jobs in New York, I went to UCS and spoke with my career advisor about my options. She suggested that I come to an informational session about the New York Recruiting Alliance (NYRA) to learn more about numerous New York employers and potential job opportunities in the city.

During the session I learned that NYRA brought together four universities and approximately 20 New York employers to interview soon-to-be graduates. After submitting my résumé to my companies of interest, I was lucky enough to receive a few interviews with well-known employers during an all-day event in New York.

As soon as I met with one company, I knew it was where I wanted to work due to their professional development program and company culture and I secured a position after a few follow-up interviews.

I couldn’t be happier with my NYRA experience. I was impressed by the caliber of the companies that NYRA brought together and felt supported by UCS throughout every step of the process. I now work for an incredible company with intelligent and enjoyable colleagues and may not have been able to find this position without the help of NYRA.

NYRA helped my job search tremendously and I would highly recommend getting more information about the program for anyone who has their sights set on working in New York City.