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Linkedin tips for your job search


At this point, mentors will constantly remind students of the benefits of “networking,” yet over the years, the term has lost its value.  What does “networking” mean in a world where people throw it around, yet no one knows its meaning?

6 Ways Starting a Personal Blog Can Help You Get Hired


File 825After graduating college, I set up as many informational interviews as I could with alumni and asked if they could share their best career advice for new grads who wanted to be successful. One piece of advice that stood out was to start my own blog.

Resume creativity abounds!


The web and the current economic climate is prompting some really ingenious and creative approaches to resumes and garnering attention in the job market.  Read this Mashable article for some inspiration on non-traditional job search documents and approaches.  These won't work for every industry or situation, but you can't deny the creativity at work!

The UNC Digital Commons


If you're looking for a way to establish an online portfolio, online resume or social media hub, consider using the UNC Digital Commons.  The system runs on Wordpress and has many design and plug-in options.  Click into this article to see samples.