Jobs in the Federal Government

Did you miss our workshop last week on finding employment with the Federal Government?  If so, click into this post to read tips and resources to help you get started!

TFA and similar programs

Teach For America was the number one employer of 2010 UNC-Chapel Hill graduates.   Over 70 graduating seniors received offers from TFA, placing UNC-Chapel Hill among the top 6 large universities in the nation with graduating seniors entering the program.  Click this post to read more about TFA and similar programs.

New Orleans & Nashvile for fall break

Per the Daily Tar Heel, the service group Extended Disaster Relief will be taking students to Nashville and New Orleans during fall break to help clean up debris from storms and natural disasters that are still affecting the areas.

Want to be an RA next year?

The Department of Housing and Residential Education is now accepting applications for RA positions for the 2011-2012 academic year.  Apply online.

Considered working in higher ed?

It has been said that a university the size of UNC is like a small town, and true to that, UNC and other sizable universities contain nearly any job function you can name.  But, often students don't consider the industry of higher education as a possibility.

Doing company research on Linkedin

An article from TechCrunch posted yesterday focuses on the expanded functionality that Linkedin (the professional social network) has provided companies for their pages.  These company pages are now even more useful for students doing research prior to applications or interviews.

What is a "think tank?"

One definition of a think tank is “an idea factory.”  The organization may also be described as a policy institute, research institute, foundation, or federal advisory committee.

Guess who is coming to the Fall Career Expo?

Although there are many familiar and expected names at the Fall Career Expo, you might be surprised by some of the organizations who are attending the event this Thursday! Click into this article for some examples.

Peace Corps and Department of State team up for energy

Both the Peace Corps and the Department of State keep office hours at UCS (want an appointment with one of them?  Call 919/962-6507).  So, it was interesting to read about a new collaboration between the two organizations.