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Using Twitter hashtags for your job search


In addition to keeping up with friends, news, and the latest celebrity gossip, Twitter can be used as a job search tool.  One of the most popular ways on Twitter to find job-related content can be found through hashtags.

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LinkedIn for college students


If you're not using LinkedIn, you're missing a valuable tool that can help you network, become more educated about companies and industries, locate opportunities and create a professional online presence.  Today at 3:30pm in Hanes 242 UCS is hosting a LinkedIn Lab workshop (bring your laptop).  Click into this post for some interesting related links.

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What you say can be used against you...


Per "Last week, the Federal Trade Commission gave a stamp of approval to a background check company that screens job applicants based on their Internet photos and postings. The FTC determined that Social Intelligence Corp.

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Social media in the job search


A new report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers provides some interesting statistics about college student use of social media in the job search.  Click into this article to read more about their survey.

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Finding a job with Twitter advanced search


From Mashable, a video on using Twitter's advanced search as part of your job search strategy.

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Are you on LinkedIn?


If you're not using LinkedIn yet to connect with and learn from professionals in your intended field, setting up an account would be a great use of your semester break time!  Here are some ways you can use the system effectively:

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Linkedin's new "career explorer"

10/07/2010 and PriceWaterhouseCoopers have teamed up to launch a new website called the Career Explorer.  The site uses the data from the millions of profiles in the LinkedIn system to help students explore career paths and make connections. Try it out and tell us what you think.

Doing company research on Linkedin


An article from TechCrunch posted yesterday focuses on the expanded functionality that Linkedin (the professional social network) has provided companies for their pages.  These company pages are now even more useful for students doing research prior to applications or interviews.

Are you a social media skeptic?


We in UCS often speak with students who are skeptical about the usefulness of social media in a job or internshp search.  But, having a professional online presence to supplement the traditional tools of a job search (resumes, cover letters, etc.) is becoming not only increasingly common, but can be decisive factor in the process.