Using Twitter hashtags for your job search

In addition to keeping up with friends, news, and the latest celebrity gossip, Twitter can be used as a job search tool.  One of the most popular ways on Twitter to find job-related content can be found through hashtags.

In case you are not familiar, hashtags (a word or phrase beginning with the # sign) are a way to quickly organize tweets that discuss the same content.  There are several hashtags dedicated to jobs and the job search process, and a recent article on provides a great list for you to get started.

Here are some recent tweets that demonstrate how hashtags can be used to promote opportunities:

  • #entrylevel – Entry level positions

New Job: Biologist or Chemist (Entry Level Position) at Hobbie Professional Staff Management (PA) #jobs #entrylevel

  • #greenjobs – Environmental/Green Jobs

Data Manager / Energy Market Innovations (EMI) / Seattle, WA #greenjobs

  • #consulting – Consulting Jobs

#consulting #jobs Summer Scholar - Federal, Project Analyst, Consulting - Deloitte: Students - Washington, DC

As the job seeker, YOU can implement Twitter hashtags to market yourself to employers or link to your online profile.  Here are some recent examples: 

  • #hireme  

Ok, putting it out there. Landscape architect, photographer, writer with big project mgmt & construction mgmt experience. Please #HireMe

  • #needajob

Anyone need a sales rep/merchandiser in Brighton area? Let me know please! P.S please retweet #needajob !

Twitter, like other forms of social media can be used as one of the many tools in your “toolkit” to search for jobs. -- the key is to know where to look and how to best use the tools.  If you have questions on how to market yourself in 140 characters or less, come and talk to a UCS counselor. Or tweet at me here: @Christy1529