The use of social media in career-related activities has increased dramatically in recent years.  These relatively-new outlets can benefit you in several areas, including keeping you informed of trends and news, serving as a place to source jobs and internships, and allowing you to expand your network.  There is a wide array of social media sites that you can utilize, and the popularity of each will ebb and flow as technology and trends dictate.  We recommend you consider the following:

  • – This professional networking site provides you the opportunity to establish a professional online identity, participate in conversations on relevant topics, and make connections with professionals in your industry or career path.  Key tip:  To get the most out of LinkedIn seek out and participate in “linkedin groups” of interest.


  • – This microblogging site may be most widely known for its use by media outlets and celebrities, but can also be a great way for you to interact with people of similar professional interests from across the globe.  Additionally, companies are increasingly using Twitter to promote jobs and internships.  Key tip:  Use “hashtag” searches (e.g. #jobs or #internships and) “follow” companies of interest to find opportunities.


  • – This social networking site likely needs no introduction or instruction on usage.  But, be sure that your activities on Facebook won’t give prospective employers “red flags” about you as a candidate.  Check your photos, videos and comments for professionalism.  Key tip:  Utilize Facebook’s privacy settings to disallow public viewing of tagged photos, wall posts and other aspects of your profile (or make your profile entirely unsearchable).

There are a variety of other tools and sites that you can use to develop your personal brand and incorporate into your job search strategy, including blogging (, and participating in sharing networks (  But, like most career-related activities, you should initiate these as part of a larger strategy that emphasizes your personal skills and values.  UCS counselors can help you explore opportunities and decide what avenues are best for your goals.