Career Peers

Informational Interview: Career Counselor

File 9647As college students, we interact with student affairs professionals all the time. They are an essential part of our Carolina experience, helping us seamlessly weave together the threads of our academic, personal, and professional lives. But have you ever considered getting involved in the field yourself? To kick off Careers in Student Affairs month, I sat down to chat with University Career Services’ very own Christy Walker to talk about her job as a career counselor.

The 5 C’s of Asking a Professor for a Recommendation

So you want to apply to a study abroad program or grad school. Odds are you’ll have to submit at least one letter of recommendation from a professor. Who should you ask to write you one? How should you ask him or her? And what should you do to follow up? Use the 5 C’s below to help with these questions and more:

Tuesday Tip: Utilizing Social Media

File 9584As you begin to search for a new job, internship, or any other opportunities in your career area, you may realize that almost every networking aspect involves the use of social media. Many organizations post listings strictly on their website or LinkedIn, and while the classifieds are still in use, everyone can benefit from utilizing social media to secure your next opportunity.

First Year Friday: 3 Steps Towards Becoming More Involved at UNC

File 9640When acclimating to college life, one of the best ways to make Carolina your second home is to become involved on campus! Whether you are looking for a music group, a campus ministry, or a volunteer outlet, UNC Chapel Hill has it all!

Been There, Done That: Switching Roles within an Organization

Internships have become increasingly important over the years. They can not only provide you with meaningful experiences, but can also serve as a test drive for a potential career. This means that the internship experience can validate or invalidate a possible career choice.

Tuesday Tip: How a Career Assessment Can Help You

File 9584Having trouble finding a career that suits you?  Consider taking the Strong Interest Inventory career assessment.  This assessment helps you determine what your interests are and find career options that are consistent with your interests. 

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment is quick and easy—it takes only about 25 minutes!  University Career Services (UCS) currently offers the Strong Interest Inventory for students for free. 

First-year Friday: Signed a Senior

File 9223Calling all first years! You have successfully made it through your first few weeks of undergrad! You’ve made it through countless meetings, classes, and let’s not forget lots of free pizza! As a first year student my family members and parent’s co-workers would always ask, “what’s your major?”, and soon after, “what do you plan to do with that?” These questions would always make me feel as if I needed to have everything figured out and my life planned out as an entering first-year. When I came into Carolina I was interested in business law; I had built my entire high school career around being an attorney, but after taking a couple of courses my freshman year; I realized that this was not necessarily the path that I wanted to take.  Let me tell you a quick secret: You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do as a first year student, that’s the beauty of college!

Been There, Done That: Interviewing On-Campus

Last spring, I was offered the opportunity to interview for my perfect summer internship, on campus. I was excited, but also nervous. I had been to interviews on- site with different companies, but an on- campus interview was new for me. Do I still dress up? Will I feel too relaxed, being on campus? Is there more pressure since they are coming to me this time? All of these questions were running through my mind when I confirmed a time for the interview. The day finally arrived, and I prepared for my interview in Hanes Hall. These are my take-aways from this experience:

Tuesday Tip: Pre-Professional Advising

File 9584I came in my first year at Carolina knowing that law school was on my radar. I had no idea if that was going to change over the course of my four years here, but I met with the pre-law advisor my first semester. Not only did I walk away with that appointment with plenty of helpful brochures about applying for law school, I came back with the knowledge that it is never too early to start thinking about your post-graduation plans.

First-year Friday: Decisions

File 9223Congratulations, new Tar Heel! You have taken one of the very first important decisions you could ever make in your young adult life. Upon observing your new environment, you might have noticed that there are many important decisions to make. As someone who was in your current position exactly at this time last year, you should know that worrying too much and stressing isn’t the ideal way to go. What really helps is taking things one step at a time, and relying on resources to help you along the way.