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Recruiters-in-Residence program takes place in-person and brings together students and recruiters. These sessions will be an opportunity for you to connect directly with UNC students to answer questions about your company/industry and an opportunity to network. UCS will provide a space and a table for you while participating in this event. We ask companies to bring swag, table skirts, and snacks for students while they visit their tables.

  • Benefits for participation:
    • Introduces you to quality of UNC students
    • Improves exposure and campus visibility with students
    • Increases your opportunity to become known as an employer of choice for UNC students
    • Maintains your presence on-campus
    • Provides career mentoring opportunities
  • Tips for successful tabling:
    • Develop “grab and go” collateral to give students to engage with you
    • Put a QR code on all of your collateral that links back to a 60-90 second video of your workplace and career advantages for college students
    • Make sure your collateral is poster card size and contains images of diverse employees on the front and back along with info on jobs and benefits.
    • Make sure that your messaging on the cards and in conversation states that your organization considers all academic majors.
    • Include the direct contact information (email, LinkedIn, etc.) of recruiters who are committed to responding to students.
    • You can find more information about tabling policies here.

Contact the Assistant Director of External Relations, Jamel Mallory, for more information at

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