Part Time Employment

Part Time Employment

Did you know there is a program administered through UNC University Career Services dedicated to helping students find part-time off-campus employment opportunities?

What is JLD?

The primary goal of the Job Location and Development (JLD) program is to locate and develop off-campus job opportunities for currently enrolled UNC Chapel Hill students regardless of financial need.

Why should you visit the JLD Coordinator?

  • Personal advising from the JLD Coordinator, Casey Lowe
  • Learn how to navigate Handshake for job search needs
  • Receive job search and interview tips including resume help.

What are the other services of JLD?

Sign up for our Part Time Job Listserv by emailing the word "subscribe" (On and Off Campus Jobs).

Disclaimer: Students should always exercise caution with responding to job and internship postings. This listserv coordinated by University Career Services acts only as a referral service and makes no particular recommendations regarding potential employers or employees. Neither UNC Chapel Hill nor University Career Services makes any representation or guarantee whatsoever about any position listed through the listserv, nor does UNCCH or University Career Services assume any responsibility for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of off-campus employment.

What are the benefits of working part-time in college?

  • Earn money to supplement living and other costs while enrolled in college
  • Build your resume with relevant professional experience (Employers love soft skills!)
  • Get ahead in the job market by connecting with employers and building a network of contacts
  • Obtain 3+ years experience before receiving your degree