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First Destination Survey 2019 Results

*To protect student privacy, charts will not appear if there are fewer than five records. Try selecting additional options to display visualizations of various subpopulations in the graduating class.

**Salary by major is included for outcomes that have more than ten responses only.

University Career Services of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill administered the First Destination Survey to May 2019 undergraduate graduates. The data collection began in March 2019 and concluded in December 2019.

For students who indicated they were “still seeking” or “not seeking” employment as well as students who did not respond in the initial survey, several follow-up contacts were attempted throughout the remainder of 2019 to update their post-graduation status to get a more complete summary of their initial career outcomes.

Outcome information was collected via the following methods: student surveys (electronic via Handshake); social media research (LinkedIn via HEP Development Services); national student data resource (National Student Clearinghouse via UNC Office of Institutional Research and Assessment); phone calls to graduates (Phonathon via UNC Annual Giving).

Standards and Protocols for the Collection and Dissemination of Graduating Students Initial Career Outcomes Information for Undergraduates by National Association of Colleges and Employers were followed. Out of 3,944 graduates, 2,547 responded to the survey; however, 506 "still seeking" responses prior to March 27, 2019 were excluded due to submission being connected to a requirement for entering into a campus event. Thus total number of responses analyzed is 2,041, with total number of responses re: salary is 827.

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