COVID-19 Job Search

COVID-19 Job Search

Micro-Internships by 

Micro-Internships enhance placement rates and help students find the right jobs. Parker Dewey is a free platform that allows students to demonstrate skills and explore career paths across various fields, industries and disciplines. UCS has partnered with Parker Dewey to begin promoting micro-internships to UNC Chapel Hill students. Projects exist for all majors and can incorporate a student’s outside experience/interests learned outside of their major. Registration details for Students, Alumni, and Employers can be found here:


Paragon One Externships 

Paragon One has helped ambitious students land jobs, internships, and externships by connecting them with passionate industry expert mentors and providing personal career support. Our mission is to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in careers they love. Get experience. Build your resume. Get hired. Work towards your dream job with training and experiences from real companies in your industry. More information can be found here:


WayUp – Early-Career Full-Time Jobs and Internships

WayUp was made to enable early-career candidates to discover and be discovered by employers. From landing paid internships throughout college to your first or second job (or even third job), WayUp is there for you and helping you to uncover opportunities for your future that you never even knew existed. There is no fee for students to use this resource. It’s a great resource to quickly view and apply to jobs in addition to Handshake. Registration details for Students can be found here:


Career Pathways

We’ve created some RSS Job & Internship Feeds from Handshake for the most popular career paths that Carolina students and graduates pursue. Use these feeds to supplement your job/internship search by bookmarking them to quickly browse the latest jobs in the feeds. For job/internships that don’t fall within these career paths, then you can do a customized search using Handshake’s tools which will allow Handshake to send you jobs based on your preferences. Hundreds of jobs are posted to Handshake each day so use these tools to filter through the opportunities that you’re most interested in, or that are most in-demand now in order to execute your job search strategy. Click here to see the available pathways:


Job Search Tips and Advice from the Experts 

As you conduct your job/internship search during this unprecedented time, please know that you have a wealth of people and resources available to support you every step of the way. We can’t control every challenge that life will throw at us…but we can control how we face it. This is how you, and others in your situation – including organizations – will adapt and find alternative ways to be successful in achieving the goals you set. To help you along this journey, we’ve collected some job search tips and advice from our Career Advisors on-campus as well as Employer and Alumni Partners.  


Companies Hiring Right Now! 

If you haven’t already, please see all of the jobs posted on Handshake. It is our #1 job board and main platform used by UCS and employers across the country to promote job and internship opportunities to UNC Students. Other job boards such as “” and “Linkedin Jobs” are also additional resources among many other job boards that focus on niche industries or job functions. Given all the turmoil in the job market, it’s not easy to know from one day to the next which companies are hiring and which are laying off or postponing hires. To aid your job search, we are finding curated lists of companies that are hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will add to this list as we gather more company information across the country from trusted resources:


Career Development Support with Employers and Alumni 

UCS has reached out to Employers and Alumni who'd be interested in volunteering to support our students’ career development and recruitment using virtual technologies in the following select areas of Mentoring, Mock Interviews, Resume Reviews, LinkedIn Tips, and Job Search Advice. If either of these is of interest to you, then please complete the student engagement form found here: