Exploring Majors and Careers

Exploring Majors and Careers

Self-assessment is the first step in the career planning process. While assessment tools cannot tell you what career or major discipline you should choose, they can help you learn more about yourself so you’re able to make more informed decisions.

EDUC 131, Career Exploration is a one hour Pass/Fail course offered to first and second year undergraduate students. The course is designed to help students choose and plan for their majors and career paths. It is offered through the School of Education and taught by Career Counselors from University Career Services.

Job Shadowing is an opportunity for you to connect or "shadow" a professional who has specific knowledge about an occupation or career in which you are interested.

You observe responsibilities and tasks associated with the career and have the opportunity to ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talents, and level of education required for the job.

UCS professional counselors or undergraduate career peers are available to make presentations to your class or student group on a variety of topics, including: UCS Overview, careers for students by specific major, internship/job search skills (such as resume/cover letter writing and interviewing), networking, and personal branding/LinkedIn. Contact Stephenie Wilson at stephenie.wilson@unc.edu for all Summer 2019 requests. Please give at least two weeks advance notice to schedule a presenter.

Presentation requests are accepted for classes and student organizations where students must be receiving a degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, and must not be in the MBA, MAC, law, medical, or dental programs, which are served by separate career offices. Certificate programs and Non-UNC organizations are also excluded.