EDUC 131 Career Exploration Course

EDUC 131 Career Exploration Course

EDUC 131, Career Exploration is a one hour Pass/Fail course offered to first and second year undergraduate students. The course is designed to help students choose and plan for their majors and career paths. It is offered through the School of Education and taught by Career Counselors from University Career Services.

What students say....

"EDUC 131 was really helpful in finding internships ans starting me on a career path".

"The course helped me figure out what I wanted to major and minor in".

"A very helpful course that I would recommend to anyone struggling with their major".

"I learned a lot about myself and my interests and goals".

"Very glad I took this class, it helped me a lot!"

"I thought this course was very beneficial in many aspects, especially learning how to write a resume and cover letter".

"I enjoyed the guest speakers and panels we had - allowed us to network and learn about graduate school and various services on campus such as study abroad".