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Four Steps to Career Success

Step One: Self-Awareness

You are constantly developing new knowledge of yourself, an understanding of the world around you, and gaining fundamental understanding of academics and co-curricular content that can be applied to your path after Carolina. An awareness of your interests, preferences, strengths, and values can drive your decision-making for the future. As facilitators and interpreters of academic/career planning tools, assessments, and online resources, UCS assists you in holistic self-discovery throughout your Carolina experience.

Step 2: Career Exploration

Self-awareness is the foundation for in-depth career exploration. UCS provides guidance and resources so that you can ultimately make informed choices about occupations, based on a growing knowledge of yourself in relation to existing fields as well as jobs of the future. You will be provided with information to identify what is required to be successful in specific professions. The critical thinking skills gained as a result of the interdisciplinary nature of your Carolina education parallel career educational competencies.

Step 3: Experiential Learning/High Impact Experiences

Experiences inside of the classroom, throughout campus, in the community, and beyond expose you to the practical application of your interests and skills in relation to industries and job functions. As you bring both self-awareness and occupational understanding to the table, you will be equipped to sharpen your career readiness skills and hone your academic skill sets in alignment with potential career path options.

Step Four: Self-Marketing/Professional Branding

You will use a wide array of resources and apply career management skills to effectively market yourself. UCS supports you in communicating the value of your scholarly endeavors, experiential learning, and global consciousness. The steps of your journey serve to shape the impression you will make within your given field based on your expertise, competencies, and achievements.

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