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C-Step Funding Information

Who May Apply?


All C-STEP students currently enrolled at UNC-CH, returning for the Fall 2022 semester, and who have obtained an unpaid internship or will partake in an unpaid experiential learning (study abroad, internship, research, volunteer service) experience. Preference will be given to C-STEP students with graduation dates no sooner than December 2022.

Stipends will be awarded to students based on the strength of their qualifications, proposals, and letters of reference. Only ten (10) stipends will be awarded. Proposals will be judged on their educational and career value and feasibility. University Career Services resources are available to assist students in locating appropriate internship sites, and with their application.

New! Students are encouraged to explore virtual/remote summer internships or experiential learning activities as well.

How to Apply

Students applying for stipends must be returning to UNC-CH in the Fall of 2022.

  1. Complete the online application (you will be prompted for your ONYEN). Applications are available February 1 - March 31, 2022. Before completing the application, you will need:
    • Resume (use Handshake to schedule a resume critique with a career peer)
    • Information about your proposed internship
  2. The information should include the name and location of the organization, a description of the organization’s work, the projects and responsibilities of the proposed internship or experiential learning experience, the method of supervision provided by the organization, and the dates and hours of the internship/experiential learning activity.
    • A 500-word personal statement explaining how this experience fits into your career goals (online application)
    • A complete budget for your internship (online application)
  3. The budget should include expenses such as housing, transportation, and food. For virtual/remote internships, expenses can include internet access, personal printer paper and ink cartridges, and electricity increases. Your budget should also outline available resources such as part-time job pay, savings, other grants or stipends and family contributions.
  4. Submit a letter from the supervisor of your proposed internship (experiential learning activity) stating the following:
    • Their willingness to sponsor you
    • Description of internship or experiential learning activity duties
    • Funding will not be provided by the organization or its affiliates
  5. Provide two (2) letters of reference. These letters may come from current or previous supervisors, professors, teaching assistants, volunteer supervisors, academic advisors or C-STEP advisors here at UNC or your former institution.

Applicants will be notified within 2-4 weeks upon receipt of all application material. Direct questions to: Tamara Taylor

C-STEP Application

Supporting Documents

Contact Information

Internship Organization

Please share detailed information about the organization where you will intern.

Budget Information

Your Expenses

Outline your current expenses as requested below.



Please share your present resources as outlined below. Enter the number 0 if none exist.



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