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Job Location Development (JLD) Program

What is JLD?

The primary purpose of the JLD Program is to connect students with off-campus, part-time roles that are aligned with their academic major and/or career goals. All UNC students of any year including graduate students currently seeking off-campus job opportunities are invited to join, regardless of whether they are eligible for need-based driven financial aid or not. Each student will have the opportunity to work for a variety of industries and companies. Click here to find more information about the employers here.

Why should I join?

Having a part-time job while in school has many advantages including covering expenses, implementing academic curriculum into practice, and gaining a large network. Plus, being part of the JLD Program allows you to connect your academic and career interests with experience to ultimately assist you in landing a full-time job in the future! No matter what, you will gain a myriad of transferrable skills that position yourself for a future internship, full-time job opportunity, startup venture, or graduate school.

How do I join JLD?

If interested, fill out this survey to gather your basic information. From there, you will be sent some preliminary requirements that are required to be part of the JLD Program. Email Kara Alves at with any questions. Once those steps are completed, you will be enrolled in the program and can get connected to part-time job opportunities.


For any questions about these requirements, please contact Kara Alves at

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