Part-Time Opportunities & Experiential Learning

Did you know there is a program administered through UNC University Career Services dedicated to helping students find part-time off-campus employment opportunities and connecting them to experiential learning opportunities?

  • For students who have questions or concerns about Federal Work Study, please email 
  • For questions related to part-time work or experiential learning opportunities, please email
  • EMPLOYERS: If you are looking for students for part-time work opportunities, please email

What is JLD?

The primary goal of the Job Location and Development (JLD) program is to locate and develop off-campus job opportunities for currently enrolled UNC Chapel Hill students regardless of financial need.

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is an engaged learning process whereby students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the experience. 

Experiential learning activities can include, but are not limited to, hands-on laboratory experiments, internships, practicums, field exercises, job shadowing, career treks, undergraduate research and more.

What are the benefits of being involved in Experiential Learning?

  • Network by meeting new professional contacts.
  • Gain professionalism while building your resume.
  • Clarify your job search focus and narrow your career goals.
  • Learn and discover about new industry trends and occupations

What are the other services of JLD?

  • Part-Time Job Fairs held each spring and fall semester where on and off campus employers are hiring students for part-time work
  • Micro-Internships enhance placement rates and help students find the right jobs. Parker Dewey is a free platform that allows students to demonstrate skills and explore career paths across various fields, industries and disciplines. UCS has partnered with Parker Dewey to begin promoting micro-internships to UNC Chapel Hill students. Projects exist for all majors and can incorporate a student’s outside experience/interests learned outside of their major. Registration details for Students, Alumni, and Employers can be found here:
  • Sign up for our Part Time Job Listserv by emailing the word "subscribe" (On and Off Campus Jobs).

Disclaimer: Students should always exercise caution with responding to job and internship postings. This listserv coordinated by University Career Services acts only as a referral service and makes no particular recommendations regarding potential employers or employees. Neither UNC Chapel Hill nor University Career Services makes any representation or guarantee whatsoever about any position listed through the listserv, nor does UNCCH or University Career Services assume any responsibility for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of off-campus employment.

What are the benefits of working part-time in college?

  • Earn money to supplement living and other costs while enrolled in college
  • Build your resume with relevant professional experience (Employers love soft skills!)
  • Get ahead in the job market by connecting with employers and building a network of contacts
  • Obtain 3+ years experience before receiving your degree

What departments hire students for on campus part-time work?

Last Updated: May 2021

All of these employers hire non-federal work-study students for paid part-time opportunities on UNC’s campus.

Campus Rec

  • “As the largest student employer, you can be one of the 400 student employees hired each year. Work in a team-driven environment to develop real-world experience, and the top 5 qualities of professional growth: Customer Service, Personal Responsibility, Teaching, Risk Management, and Social Justice & Inclusion. We offer flexible scheduling, paid training, job promotions, and professional development opportunities.”
  • Typically hires a semester in advance

Carolina Dining

  • Has their own database of currently hiring jobs, students positions have the word “student” in the job title

Carolina Housing

  • “The mission of the Department of Housing & Residential Education is to create an inclusive on-campus housing environment that promotes development, citizenship, involvement and leadership. DHRE employs over 500 student staff year-round in various positions that range in time commitment and leadership experience.”
  • Usually hires a semester in advance for academic year positions due to summer training

Carolina Performing Arts

  • Has part time work positions such as house staff, production staff, ticket services, administrative associate, development associate, etc.
  • Periodically holds an employment fair during the spring semester (Pre-COVID)

Carolina Union

  • “Carolina Union's departments offer an array of job opportunities for students that can help you build professional or life skills in a variety of fields. By working at the Union, you will also help us uphold our mission to create safe, inclusive and educational experiences that help students maximize their time at Carolina.”
  • Typically hires a semester in advance

UNC Calling Center

  • Not technically considered an “on campus” job in terms relating to international students job restrictions
  • Usually hires all the time, closed during the summer
  • Located on Franklin Street

UNC Chapel Hill Libraries

  • “The University Libraries at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employs over 400 Student Assistants each year in many different departments. The job descriptions of Student Assistants working in the University Libraries encompass a wide range of opportunities such as:  filing, typing, editing, shelving books, assisting patrons, checking books in/out, maintaining stacks, enforcing library policies, reserve processing, acquisitions, cataloging, online searching, maintaining operational hours, working with local databases, and other special projects.”
  • These opportunities become available during various times of the year (there is no set hiring timeline unlike other departments such as Campus Rec). If you are very interested in these opportunities, I would periodically check their vacancies because they can open and close within a week or two.

UNC Information Technology Services (IT)

  • "The ITS Service Desk is one of the first points of contacts for technological support services for students. The team provides 24/7 support through phones, chat, web and walk-in services. (While the University is operating remotely during the pandemic, hours and services have been adjusted.) The Service Desk is comprised of both full-time employees and student workers, so the opportunity to train alongside professionals is offered."

Some departments post their opportunities on Handshake such as:

  • UNC-CH Temporary Services
  • UNC-CH ITS Classroom Hotline
  • UNC-CH Student Stores
  • and more

Airtable Database for Part-Time Job Postings

This link will take you to an airtable that serves as a database for part-time opportunities. (NOTE: scroll to the very bottom of the airtable to see the most recent postings!)

The airtable will:

  • include part-time jobs on and off campus
  • include jobs that are both posted on handshake and not on handshake
  • have resources to locate remote work and other part-time opportunities
  • include website links to major chains that typically hire year around
  • be updated on a weekly basis

Handshake Database for Part-Time Job Postings

Our Handshake Platform offers numerous Part-Time Job postings for you to review and apply to. These jobs can be local, regional, and national since some are able to be done remotely. This allows you as a student to take advantage of part-time job opportunities beyond what you could have done in-person. Click here to see a sample of current postings.