Upon matriculation to UNC, everyone is at a different place regarding career goals. The Explore, Prepare, Connect model provides a solid foundation for personal and professional growth.

Explore is all about discovering career pathways. Take a career assessment to uncover your strengths, interests, skills and abilities. Attend a workshop to learn more about interests, majors and careers.

Prepare is all about getting ready for the world of work. Attend a workshop to develop critical career-related skills such as creating your resume and interview skills. Learn about the importance of professionalism.

Connect is all about meeting people and getting involved in organizations that will help grow your professional network. Connect with employers looking to hire UNC undergraduates for internships and full-time roles through Handshake, UNC’s online career management platform. Get involved with  UNC Kenan-Flagler student clubs and/or organizations that interest you. Participate in one of many networking and recruiting events throughout the year.

By participating in multiple activities in each category, you will learn more about business, the world of work, and yourself. While you are encouraged to attend as many events as possible, if you complete at least two activities from each of the three categories prior to submitting your application, the Admissions team will review your  Pre-Business Passport achievements as part of your application to the Undergraduate Business Program. Use the chart below to identify which activities you would like to choose, and check out the events schedule for a full list of all University Career Services offerings.



Fall 2021 University Career Services Virtual Offerings 


                              EXPLORE                            PREPARE                         CONNECT

Your First Steps with UCS

August 24th

Internship Search Strategies

September 1st

What Is Diversity: Mission, Vision, and Values of Employers

September 13th

Connecting Interests to Majors and Career Paths

August 30th

LinkedIn: Expand Your Network, Leverage Your Job Search

October 12th

Carolina Career & Internship Fair

September 16th

Lean Into Your Strengths

September 27th

Career Fair Cram Sessions

Aug 25th, Sept 2nd, 7th, and 13th

*Non-UCS Options: Join a UNC Kenan-Flagler club/org; Attend a networking/recruiting event sponsored by club or employer

GoinGlobal: Preparing for International Opportunities

November 8th

Employer Meetup: Ace The Interview

September 23rd 

Undergraduate Business Symposium

September 8th-10th


Employer Meetup: Standout On Handshake

October 25th



Employer Meetup: Negotiation Skills

November 17th




All 1st year and transfer undergraduate students at UNC interested in enhancing their personal and professional development.


On a completely voluntary basis, 1st year and transfer students will have the opportunity to increase their career readiness through participation in a series of workshops and activities designed to facilitate exploration on a personal and professional level.


The majority of workshops and events are offered through University Career Services, and will be virtual in Fall 2021. Please check Handshake for event details.


Given the acceleration of recruiting timelines and the emphasis on career readiness for all students, the Pre-Business Passport provides a series of learning opportunities for 1st year and transfer students to enhance both personal and professional development. Early engagement and reflection will better prepare students for successful and fulfilling careers with positive impact.



Students participating in Pre-Business Passport activities are personally responsible for tracking their own progress. Since all Fall 2021 University Career Services events will be virtual, it is important that participants log into events using their UNC credentials in order for attendance to be tracked. Most programming opportunities will be recorded and accessible through our UCS YouTube channel. Upon application to the business school, you can report your "participation" if you reviewed the recorded version of any activity. Note: Upon application to the Undergraduate Business Program at UNC Kenan-Flagler, your participation is checked based on electronic attendance records. Misrepresenting your participation in this program may result in a violation of the University Honor Code. For any questions about these requirements for UNC Kenan-Glagler please contact Sarah Crockett,

University Honor Code:

It shall be the responsibility of every student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to obey and support the enforcement of the Honor Code. The Honor Code prohibits lying, cheating, or stealing when these actions involve academic processes or university, student, or academic personnel acting in an official capacity.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many activities are required?

The Pre-Business Passport is designed to be self-directed. You may participate in as many or as few activities as you would like. However, to be eligible to submit your Passport activities as part of your application to the UNC Kenan-Flagler Undergraduate Business Program, you must complete a minimum of two activities for each of the three categories (i.e., Explore, Prepare, Connect).


How is attendance tracked?

Log in to all University Career Services virtual workshops through Zoom using your UNC credentials. For upcoming virtual career fairs, follow registration instructions through Handshake.  


What if I’m not interested in business?

These activities are helpful and relevant to all students, no matter their major interest areas. Personal and professional development are critical components of your college experience, and there’s no better time to start than the present.


Does participation guarantee admission to the Undergraduate Business Program?

No. However, we believe that participation in this program will help you to better articulate your intentions to study business as well as your interests and goals through your essays and interview in the application process, which may increase your chances of admission. Evaluators will consider your participation as one piece of your overall application.


I have a conflict with an event, is there a makeup time?

Most events will be offered in fall semester and in spring semester, with possible virtual recordings for future access. Keep an eye on the Handshake calendar and the UCS News and Events site for details.