Credential Files

Not everyone needs a credentials file.  However, if you are applying to multiple graduate or professional schools, or for positions that require written references, Interfolio can make the application process much easier and less overwhelming. 

Interfolio empowers you to collect, store and deliver your most important and confidential documents securely, in an online portfolio that you manage and control.  You can request, upload and store letters of recommendation, your curriculum vitae, writing samples, dissertation abstracts, teaching certifications, student evaluations and more and have them delivered to any school electronically or by mail, with Express and Rush delivery options available.   If you wish to create an account with Interfolio, you can do so directly online with Interfolio

In July 2010, University Career Services partnered with Interfolio to enable students and alumnae to manage their credentials files online, replacing UCS's paper based credentials file service.   Contact the UCS Main Desk at919.962.6507,919.962.6507 for details. 

Interfolio contact information:
Phone:877-77-FOLIO , 877-773-6546

If you have a previously established reference file with University Career Services, please create an Interfolio account and request that UCS forward your reference file to Interfolio.