Updated: Informational Videos & FAQs

Updated: Informational Videos & FAQs


  • Best Practices for Seeking Shadowing Experiences:
    UNC-CH does not hold liability insurance on any of our undergraduate students, so all shadowing/clinical exposures must be coordinated by the student and under the permission/supervision of a qualified health professional. Many are under the impression that “cold calling” may be the only way to do so. However, there are some common practices that yield more positive responses than “my name is _______ and I am at UNC. Can I come shadow you?”
    The best approach is to have a copy of your resume handy and email it to the health professional, while including a brief version of what your personal statement might look like (e.g. qualifications, motivations, etc.). You are presenting yourself in a professional manner, as if you are requesting an interview, and selling yourself as someone who will not be problematic because they may have an idea what they’re getting into. Resources for providing pertinent information can be found under the Letters of Evaluation tab on the prehealth homepage.
    Many students will network with existing sources for shadowing opportunities. Family members are generally not accepted as viable experiences for the purposes of an application, but that does not mean you can’t shadow their colleagues or have them put in a good word for you with another clinician. Shadowing your own doctor or pediatrician is another great start. One other way is to utilize research connections: if you’re in a lab with an MD/PhD, ask if they’re still doing patient rounds. These experiences, whether in hospital or private practice, are every bit as vital to a competitive application. 


    What If I Make A C? / What If I Have A W?
    Underperforming in a course, much like having to withdraw from a course, is not in and of itself a death knell to any application. What any student needs to focus on is not making either of them a habit. To do so could cause admissions committee members to question their judgment and planning skills, or ability to recognize a problem and make necessary adjustments. Any grade less than a C will need to be repeated to meet the minimum passing threshold for health professions programs, but a C itself does not necessarily need to be. Unless a student does not feel comfortable with the content retained from that C, it would make more sense, and be more impressive to an admissions committee, to proceed in the sequence and do better in more difficult courses. 

  • Brainstorming Your Health Professions Personal Statement 
    It is impossible to overstate the importance of the personal statement on your application to a health professions school. Begin to “attack the blank page” all while hearing what traits make up a strong personal statement…and what tropes to avoid
    Here is the online tutorial version: https://youtu.be/CvwZ9Fp90ns


    2018 Application Info Session: Attacking the Common App
    Introduction to the AMCAS application for those beginning the 2018 application cycle, with useful information for navigating the common app in general for all health professional (AADSAS, CASPA, etc.).  We’ll cover the basics of grade entry, experiences, and review of timelines.
    Here is the online tutorial: https://youtu.be/N0U7LEGa9mk


  • Interviewing Tips & Tactics 2017
    Here is the online tutorial: https://youtu.be/E46oncDzE-k