Credential Assembly Service

CAS prepares the reports about law school applicants that are sent to law schools. You may register online at  Your CAS Law School Report will include biographical information; a summary of your undergraduate academic work; a copy of your undergraduate, graduate, and professional school transcripts; your LSAT score(s); your LSAT writing sample; letters of recommendation received by LSAC; and information about certain types of disciplinary actions, if any.

Your CAS period will extend five years from your registration date. In general you should not register for CAS when you register for the LSAT, but wait until closer to application time. You should, however, register far enough in advance so that your subscription will be active when you are ready to submit your first law school application.

Each CAS report costs $30. When you register for the CAS, you may purchase the number of reports equal to the number of law schools to which you expect to apply. For example, if you plan to apply to ten law schools, you would purchase ten reports. If you need to purchase additional reports, you may do so at the cost of $30 each.

After you have subscribed to CAS and sent your transcript(s) in, you will receive a Master Law School Report. Check the accuracy of the information included in this Report. If there are errors in the Report, notify LSAC as soon as possible.

CAS calculates an "admission index" for law school applicants, if a law school requests it. An admission index is derived from a formula by which a law school can convert an applicant's GPA and LSAT score into a single weighted index number. The law school can then compare the applicant's index number to other applicants' index numbers. Different law schools use different formulas; the CAS will provide you with a list of all formulas that it uses. Then, if the law school you are applying to has its formula listed on CAS's list, you can calculate your own index number for that law school.

If you are unable to pay the fee for the CAS, you may request a fee waiver. You may request a fee waiver online at or from the pre-law advisor.