Candidate Referral Service

Candidate Referral Service

Many employers who are hiring but are not interviewing on-campus request that UCS send them resumes/CVs of qualified students. These requests come from employers of all sizes, including non-profits and those who may not have enough openings to justify the expense of on-campus recruiting.

If you express an interest in this service when you register, UCS will send your online resume or CV to employers in response to those job openings listed with us for which you qualify, consistent with the "Job Functions" you selected when you registered. (If you are uncertain about which "Job Functions" to select, please talk with a counselor to discuss your preferences.)

Students who have opted into the Referral Service should always maintain a default or primary resume or CV in the UCS system.  This primary resume/CV should be more generalized in nature and either contain no objective statement or contain a broad objective statement.

Note, this service is separate from campus interviewing and should not be confused with Resume/CV Submissions within the UCS system.