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Since UNC has moved classes and student support online, what is happening with career fairs and other events where employers visit campus to meet students and conduct recruitment?

Since many companies have pulled back from campus recruitment due to COVID-19 precautions, and since most students have left campus, we’re placing more emphasis on online/virtual events. We held a Virtual Career Fair on April 2nd and students can visit COVID19 Jobs Search to see new resources for getting work experiences and connections to employers/alumni. Students are encouraged to pre-register for any events that require it.

I accepted an internship offer earlier this school year, and now the employer has let me know that they have to rescind/cancel the internship in response to COVID-19. I was relying on that summer internship or credit. What do I do?

During the current circumstances it is hard to know which organizations will continue to remain open. We recommend communicating with us via about your internship so we can help and ask about micro-internships with your current site. Additionally, if you had plans to complete an internship for academic credit, please contact your academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss the situation.

Micro-Internship with Parker Dewey

Paragon One Externships

I accepted a full-time job offer earlier this school year, and now the employer has let me know that they have to rescind/cancel the job offer in response to COVID-19. I’m graduating in May. What do I do?

First contact UCS immediately at our email for help and a response within 24 hours. Second, we know how incredibly disappointing this must be. The job market outlook right now is very uncertain, since most employers are still analyzing and adapting to the impacts of COVID-19. We normally offer support to all new graduates up to six months after graduating and have decided to extend that now for those impacted by COVID-19 to one year. While there are certainly cutbacks and layoffs in some sectors of the economy, there are still thousands of employers who are actively hiring. UCS staff are available to answer questions and meet with students online to help you navigate these situations and formulate a job search strategy.