Focus 2

Focus 2

FOCUS 2 a self-paced online career and education planning tool designed to help you make decisions about career goals and education plans. You can use FOCUS 2 to clarify your values and interests, or to explore majors and career fields.

FOCUS 2 may be most useful for undergraduate students, although graduate and professional students are welcome to use it, too.

To get started, use the access code and link below to start an account.

Access Code: tarheels

All Users: Focus 2 Website


  • Begin the assessments in any order you like. You do not need to complete them all and you can exit and return anytime you like. Each section takes about 10-15 minutes.
  • Save your preferred occupations and majors. Use the comments function to help remind yourself of what you liked and didn’t like about each option.
  • Bring a copy of your FOCUS 2 portfolio to your career counseling appointment as well as any questions you have regarding your career exploration. Make an appointment online or by calling 919-962-6507.
  • If you feel that additional assessment might be beneficial to you, talk to a career counselor about the Strong Interest Inventory or Myers Briggs Type Indicator which are available to UNC students as-needed.

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