Career Competencies: Communication

NARRATION: Communication involves articulating thoughts and ideas effectively in written and oral forms. This includes speaking in meetings and in front of groups, as well as expressing ideas to others clearly. Become a storyteller and bring positive energy to your conversations, in a way that is true to your personality. This will take you far when networking with employers on-campus as well as during interviews.
INTERVIEW 1: I found that communication can be a great tool for problem solving in the workplace. So this past summer, I worked as a middle school math teacher for an organization called Student U in Durham and I had to share a classroom with another teacher. I like things to be super organized during the day and he was a bit more of a free spirit, so by communicating with each other what we needed to be successful as teachers, we were able to create an environment that had us both happy and thriving.
INTERVIEW 2: UCS taught me how to communicate effectively throughout my time here. Just being able to communicate here with advisors and multiple different forms of resources in order to get what I needed out of them and to help me throughout my journey at UNC in order to succeed. I can see communication in my field, which is hopefully Law just by being able to communicate amongst your team members as well as your defendant in order to just get the job done.

Narration by LJ Enloe
Video Edited by Francis Lai
Interviewees: Emily Parker and Keena White