Career Competencies: Creativity and Problem Solving

NARRATION: Creativity and Problem Solving, in a nutshell, is utilizing sound reasoning and novel approaches to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome problems.  This means using information, facts, and data and demonstrating originality and inventiveness in your suggested approaches. Creativity put man on the moon, gave us the iPhone, and helps us test ideas we didn't know were possible. It is essential in order to unlock innovative solutions to customer problems.
INTERVIEW 1: I do feel that creativity, specifically when it comes to problem solving, is valuable in every field and the classes, activities, and various organizations I’m part of here at UNC have helped me prepare for that immensely, specifically in terms of setting up schedules for production in videos. That always presents a problem in scheduling terms so I definitely feel that through my experiences here, I’ve been able to solve those problems in the most efficient manner possible through different scheduling software and just conversations and that skill can be applied to pretty much any job across the board so I thank UNC for that.
INTERVIEW 2: Last semester I took a course with a professor who exposed us to a lot of different articles that talked about the same topic but showed different perspectives. This really allowed the students to be creative in their ideas by taking in a lot of information and then coming up with solutions or conclusions that incorporated different perspectives.

Narration by LJ Enloe Video Edited by Francis Lai Interviewees: Francis Lai and Emily Parker