Career Competencies: Global Perspective

Global Perspective
NARRATION: Global Perspective involves valuing, respecting, and learning from diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. This means demonstrating openness, inclusiveness, and sensitivity to interact respectfully with all people and understand individuals’ differences. Multilingual, multicultural, global perspectives are more in demand now than ever before.
INTERVIEW 1: Having a global perspective is very important for occupational therapy because you have to assess the person’s culture, socioeconomic status, etc. to determine their treatment and so I’m very thankful for the classes at UNC that have provided me with that perspective.
INTERVIEW 2: So while I was at Carolina, I was given multiple opportunities to engage with our global community. Through classes, I also studied abroad in Seville, Spain, I was funded to do research in Mexico one summer, I worked on global health projects with Latin ex-immigrants: and through all of those things, really what stands out to me the most was UNC teaching me to approach all global communities with humility and to listen first and then bring what I could to the table as I learned about those communities. So, what that gave me the opportunity to do after Carolina was to apply for the Peace Corps, where I spent three years living and learning in Paraguay and I’m really thankful for that.


Narration by LJ Enloe
Video Edited by Francis Lai
Interviewees: Zakiyyah Carter and Meagan Meekins