Career Competencies: Leadership

NARRATION: Leadership includes leveraging the strengths of others to achieve common goals.  This includes the use of empathetic skills to guide and motivate others, as well as organize, prioritize, and delegate work. Leadership is about caring equally for people and for the necessary tasks, and playing a critical role in developing a person to a level they never thought was possible before.
INTERVIEW 1: I’ve used leadership through my role here as lead tutor in my work-study program. I help other tutors in the things that they need, I facilitate meetings, and I put together projects. For example, I have gotten the donations and put together the performance for our global youth service day. Through these experiences here at UNC, it has prepared me to become a better leader in the future.
INTERVIEW 2: Leadership wasn’t something I had too much experience with in high school, but as soon as I hit college, I was thrust into many different positions of leadership and not always on a big scale. Like for example, my sophomore year I directed my own individual project, as well as acted as sort of a producer and an editor in getting equipment, getting actors to set, eventually determining the creative direction of the piece. It required me to handle a lot of responsibilities and be in control of a large group of people. That carried over into this year with this own project. I’m the major videographer and editor behind this project, as well as one of the major planners with the people who are above me, so it required me to work with them as well as lead my own projects and I thank both UNC and Career Services for giving me that skill as it will translate very nicely into the videography field.

Narration by LJ Enloe Video Edited by Francis Lai Interviewees: Erica DeShields and Francis Lai