Career Competencies: Professionalism and Work Ethic

NARRATION: Professionalism and Work Ethic means demonstrating personal accountability and good work habits, such as punctuality, working productively with others, and time management. This also means acting with integrity and with the interests of the larger community in mind, as well as learning from mistakes. The true mark of professionalism is the ability to respect everyone else for their styles and always find something positive in every dining experience and highlight it in your thoughts and words.
INTERVIEW 1: So UNC has helped me develop professionalism in several ways. By attending University Career Services, they have provided me several helpful resources, including looking over my cover letter, my resume, and providing me with mock interviews. Mock interviews have been particularly helpful to me because they simulate what a real world interview would look like and you get a really good idea of what kind of questions you can anticipate in a real interview. So in this way, University Career Services has helped me acquire professionalism, which is key for the banking industry and will help me achieve my career goals in the future.
INTERVIEW 2: Professionalism and work ethic is a very important career competency because you always want to make the best impression that you can on your professors, your peers, and anyone else you encounter throughout your undergraduate education and your career. For example, my ideal career is an environmental lawyer and in order to make the best impresion you can and to win cases, you have to act professional in the courtroom and also in classes with your professors and your peers, because you never know who you’ll encounter in the future and always having a good impression on someone can really advance your career in the future with networking and advancing, you know, where you end up.

Narration by LJ Enloe
Video Edited by Francis Lai
Interviewees: Angelica Szarka and Ja'Kala Barber