Careerolina: Part 1

Welcome to Careerolina.

Careerolina is an online resource available to all UNC students. Careerolina includes job and internship postings, as well as details about on-campus recruiting, career fairs, workshops, employer contact information, and much much more.

So let’s get started so that you can take advantage of all these resources that at your fingertips

To login to Careerolina:

  • Go to the UCS webpage
  • Click on the Careerolina icon
  • From here you can log on using your Onyen.

Once logged in, you will see your user profile to the left.  The % completion tab below your name allows you to gage your completion of your profile.  Your profile must be XXX% complete to utilize all Careerolina resources.

 To complete your profile, you can click on either the link below the Profile Completion Bar or via the User Profile tab at the top of the page. 

As you can see, there is a personal, as well as an academic component of your profile. 

To Edit–Personal

  • It is your responsibility to verify that all information is correct.So whenever there is a change you will need to log on and make those corresponding changes, as falsifying information can result in disciplinary action.
  • Pressing save and continue will take you straight to your Academic Profile component.

Edit – Academic

  • In addition to Educational Information, the Academic Profile includes sections for you to specify both your Geographic and Employment Preferences.

Keep in mind that Careerolina is a resource available to you.  Thus, it is up to you how your personal information will be used.  As you can see, under the privacy tab

  • you will elect whether you consent to your information being shared with employers
  • as well as whether you would like to receive communications from UCS.

Additionally, from here, you acknowledge your consent to the Nat’l Associations College and Employers ethical standards. To view these policies – click on - UCS Student Appropriate Use Agreement link.  Please note that violation of these policies can result in disciplinary action, so do take the time to read through them.

Last but not least, you will upload your resume.

Without a resume you will be unable to apply for posted internships and jobs, so be sure to upload your resume right away!

If you do not have a resume Optimal Resume offers templates to help you get started.  Please note that if you do create a resume in optimal resume you will need to save it and separately upload that document into Careerolina.

To upload your resume you will want to select browse, locate the appropriate file from your computer, and do be sure that it is a .pdf version, and click submit!

Upon submission your resume will automatically be sent for review and approval by one of the UCS counselors.  You will receive an email when your resume has been reviewed.  Not having an approved resume will prevent you from applying to some employers, so you will want to be pro-active in obtaining approval.  If your resume is not approved, do not get frustrated. Resume writing is a craft, and UCS is here to help.  We encourage you to stop by UCS for drop in hours any day between 1-4. 

With your profile updated and your resume now updated and approved, you are ready to start taking advantage of all Careerolina resources.  Tune back for our next installment to learn more about searching for internships and jobs.