Careerolina: Part 2: Advanced Searches

Welcome back for the next installment of Careerolina.  In our last session we reviewed creating user profiles and uploading resumes.  Today we are going to explore the other resources Careerolina has to offer. 

If you are struggling to identify what you should major in or, alternatively, what you can do with your major, you can find Career exploration resources under the Resources tab.  These resources will heighten your knowledge of different professional fields and careers.


If you are past this point and are now looking for a job or internship the search jobs & internship tab will be of value to you.  Here you can search and apply for internships as well as FT/PT jobs.  The most efficient way to search within the Careerolina database is to run and advanced search.  Here you will be able to develop search query that is specific to your field of interest, position preferences, and location.  Let’s run one right now.

Let’s say I am a Sophomore, majoring in English.  I am not quite sure what I want to do with my major so I am open to exploring any type of internship that might find this type of bkgd. beneficial.  Additionally, I would like to go back home to Atlanta for the summer, 30250.  Run our search and the overwhelming list of postings is narrowed down to just 13.   If some of the opportunities catch your eye, you can flag them and they will be saved under your Favorites tab.  Another beneficial feature is that you can save this search.  By saving this search, you will receive notifications any time a new posting, meeting these qualifications is posted.  Saving searches will enable you to focus your attention elsewhere while remaining active in your employment search.

The final resource under this tab is Job Central.  Here you will be linked to another job search engine that is separate and apart from Careerolina.  Similar to Careerolina you can run searches to find jobs that meet your interest and preferences.

Please be aware that if you do choose to apply for OCR employment opportunities you will be subject to the On-Campus Recruiting Policies.  These policies are posted on the home page of Careerolina.  Please take the time to review these as disciplinary action can result from noncompliance.

MY On Campus Interviews – will help you keep track of interviews which you have requested and those for which you have been scheduled

As you can see Careerolina is your first stop to your destination beyond UNC.  Please keep in mind that UCS is always here to help address your specific questions and concerns.  Feel free to stop in our drop in hours, in Hanes Hall, any day b/w 1-4 or you can schedule a meeting with one of our counselors.  Additionally, throughout the course of the semester we host Career Fairs/Employer Information Sessions/ and other job readiness events.  A complete list of these events can be found under the Careerolina Events. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!