EDUC 132-Career Planning

Education 132 is our career planning course for juniors and seniors, focusing on planning for life after graduation. So where as the 131 course focused on exploration - and certainly we do some of that in this course as well, because we wouldn't expect you to have it all figured out - the focus is more on the next steps, since folks are nearing graduation or planning for a graduate school or professional options in the world of work. So we do that through experiential activities related to things like discovering your strengths, values, interests, as they relate to the world of work. We also do really get into job searching and work together to learn the job search process or planning for graduate school and what that looks like. So we have a series of experiential activities on that as well. And then we also do work around the financial piece, whether it's financial planning after graduation or negotiating salaries that comes up when folks get offers and positions, so there's a lot of different things that we do that are really practical and important and things that you'd be doing anyway. So it's great to have that space, a class, a group of people where you're doing this together, where you have a space that's built in once a week to work on these important pieces to really feel like you're ready to go in your planning for life after graduation.