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The first destination survey aims to gather information from recent graduates regarding their initial post-graduation activities, including employment, further education, or other career-related pursuits. Fill out here!

Carleigh Twillmann is originally from New Jersey and just recently relocated to the state of North Carolina. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education from the College of Charleston in May 2018. She also earned a Master’s degree as a Reading Specialist and Supervisor from Rutgers University in May 2020. Carleigh began her career as a First Grade Elementary School teacher. In 2021, Carleigh left teaching to become a Recruiter. During this time, she helped candidates realize their potential and supported them in finding careers that aligned well with their interests, work history, and values. She is excited to work in Higher Education where she can blend her background in teaching as well as recruiting. Carleigh is passionate about helping students identify and realize their unique abilities, skills and values to empower student success and professional goals. While she is not working, you can find Carleigh trying out new restaurants, painting, or spending time with her friends and family.

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