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Post a Job or Internship

University Career Services is pleased to offer employers the opportunity to connect with UNC students in online postings via Handshake.  Handshake is a networked platform used for recruiting college students at nearly 400 colleges and universities. If you are already a Handshake user, simply go to the “schools” option and request access to University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.  If you do not currently have a Handshake account, you will first need to create one before being able to post your opportunity, using the following steps.

Creating a Handshake Account

Please read all the information on this page carefully so that you can decide whether or not your organization will be eligible to be approved for an account to recruit at UNC Chapel Hill.

Handshake Employer Requests – Minimum Requirements

Employer requests to connect on Handshake must demonstrate all of the following minimum requirements:

  • A complete contact name (first and last).
  • Employers must provide valid contact information including an organizational email account.  Employers using personal email accounts (GMAIL, HOTMAIL, etc.) will not be authorized to use UCS services without prior permission from the External Relations Director.
  • Employers must provide valid website address.  If no web address is provided UCS will not approve the account. If you do not have a website, employers must receive permission from the External Relations Director to leave this field blank.
  • Website must contain sufficient information for a student to learn in-depth about your company including a well-written company description, details on its products/services, and its career opportunities.
  • Company website must match the company name and be functional (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram company pages are not sufficient)
  • A company workplace address (residential/private addresses cannot be accepted).
  • A business license from the state in which your company operates their business (if requested).
  • Residential addresses will be considered for fully remote organizations (prior to approval a copy of the organizations’ business registration/license must be sent by email to Roderick Lewis (, the Director of External Relations, Marketing, & Analytics.

Start-Ups and Small Businesses

The University Career Services office has established these criteria for identifying appropriate entrepreneurial employment opportunities for promotion through its services. In order to be approved for accounts on the UNC Handshake account, start-ups and small businesses must have progressed sufficiently in their business development process to:

  • At minimum, the company should be affiliated with any of the following: 1) UNC’s Innovate Carolina network, 2) an accredited university’s innovation network, 3) a Chamber of Commerce or equivalent thereof, or 4) a recognized state or privately-funded incubator/accelerator.
  • Have a UNC Alumni as a founder, in a decision-making role, or on an advisory board in the company.
  • Provide a company name, business address, website, and email address, and identify a principal as the key contact.
  • Confirm that they have obtained the necessary business licenses and Tax IDs as well as sufficient funding, including identifying their funding model and investors (if requested).
  • Provide clearly defined organization and position descriptions in Handshake.
  • Postings cannot have a rate of pay lower than minimum wage (internships may be unpaid or compensated with a stipend to the extent permitted by applicable law).

Requests for Approval From Employers and UNC-CH Departments That Hire Students

  • Go to the Handshake registration page and select the “employer” option.
  • Complete the form, providing your basic information, then check your inbox for a confirmation email from Handshake.
  • After confirming your email address, complete your employer profile (if your company already has a profile that was created by another employee in the organization, they may need to approve your connection to that existing account).
  • Your Handshake profile must include complete organization and contact information (organization name, address, organization URL, organization description, contact name, contact email-must use a company email- Gmail, yahoo, etc. not allowed without prior permission from the External Relations Director – contact

Instructions for UNC-CH Departments wishing to create an account

After confirming your email check to see if your department already has an account.  It will look like the following example: UNC-CH University Career Services

If you do not see your department listed as the above example, continue to the next step and create an account for your department.  

The account name will be UNC-CH (your department name).

Next Steps for Approved Employers and UNC-CH Departments

Read the handout to learn how to create your account, join an existing company account that may have already been created by another division within your company, and to connect with schools that you desire to have access to for promoting your events and job opportunities.

Posting Your Job or Internship

You can post a job or internship that is targeted to UNC students for free.  In order to post and have your position approved by UCS, it must meet the following standards:

In addition to the above-listed requirements, your company may be subject to additional requirements; please review the following information to see if any additional factors apply to your business or recruitment on Handshake:

Job Posting Policy

Please note that we do not accept the following types of postings:

  • Postings with a rate of pay lower than minimum wage (internships may be unpaid or compensated with a stipend to the extent permitted by applicable law).
  • Postings that charge any fees to students as a condition of employment or participation.
  • “Campus Ambassador” positions, or any positions in which UNC students promote, sell, influence, or market services/products to other UNC students/faculty/staff. ​Exception:Campus Ambassador positions that are designed to support the campus recruitment strategy of the hiring organization (will be verified in the job description).
  • Postings from private families/individuals. This includes, but is not limited to: personal care assistants, house cleaning, nannies, tutors, and pet care.
  • University Career Services at this time does not accept companies or positions involved with the use, production, testing, or distribution of recreational/medical marijuana/cannabidiol (CBD). This is our current policy and it will be reviewed each summer for any potential changes.
  • Organizations promoting opportunities for students to become independent contractors or to start their own businesses are ineligible to participate in UCS services.
  • Positions may not be multi-level or pyramid marketing opportunities.
  • Positions may not be for domestic employment (i.e. babysitting, gardening, driving, and house cleaning).
  • UCS may require employers to verify compensation (salary or hourly wages) to determine if vacancies are appropriately classified in Handshake and qualify for specific UCS services. 
  • Employers must fully disclose to UCS and students/alums the structure of their compensation packages and business costs incurred through employment.

Network Marketing and Similar Organizations

These organizations are not eligible to participate in on-campus recruiting or events, or to post jobs with the University Career Services (UCS) office. UCS considers organizations that engage in any of the following to be Network Marketing Organizations:

  • Sponsoring or hiring an individual to set up their own business for the purpose of selling products or services and/or recruiting other individuals to set up their own business.
  • Requiring an initial cash or capital investment, account balance or similar fiscal requirements from this individual, with the organization itself serving as an umbrella or parent corporation. The initial investment may include but is not limited to such things as direct payment of a fixed fee, payment to attend an orientation or training session, and/or purchase of a starter kit.


Employers using University Career Services must offer regular/base salaries for positions. Employers offering solely commission-based positions may not post job listings with University Career Services.

Fees Charged to Candidates

Employers that require students or alumni to purchase a franchise, purchase supplies, pay for training or orientation, invest or pay a start-up or application/access fee as a condition of employment, will not be allowed access to any UCS services.

Third-Party Employers

Representatives may recruit or post opportunities through UCS under the following conditions:

  • No fee is charged to the student or applicant.
  • The name of the hiring company is released to University Career Services staff (but will remain confidential) and is approved by the staff.
  • Third-party recruiters sourcing candidates for internal positions at their own organizations.

Steps to Post your Position

  • Log into Handshake using the email address and password you previously created.
  • Select the “post a job” button on the main dashboard or click on the left “jobs” menu and click the “create job” button on the top right of the page.
  • Complete the form fully, including the basics, position details, screening preferences, and schools to which you want to post the position (be sure to select University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill).
  • Handshake handout


If you are having any problems registering your company, getting approval, or need clarification on any of the information we have listed, then please email us at: 

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